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Graduate Assistant's Article Published in International Policy Digest  

Spencer HintonThe Joseph A. Unanue Latino Institute's own Graduate Assistant Spencer Hinton recently had his article published in the prestigious International Policy Digest. His article, titled "U.S., China, and Thucydidean Risk: Legitimate Warning Sign or False Alarm?", discusses the power struggle between the two nations.

The article was originally published in the School of Diplomacy's publication, The Journal of Diplomacy and International Relations which was then subsequently published by International Policy Digest. Hinton described his interest in writing the article, saying, "I've been very interested in international relations theory and I love to study its application in current international affairs. I feel like the term 'Thucydides Trap' is an oversimplified title to describe U.S.-China relations."

Hinton was excited upon finding out that his article was picked up by International Policy Digest and how warmly it was received by readers. He said, "Honestly I was stoked. Having a co-ed publication with the International Policy Digest has been an honor. I'm glad the article was met with such warm reception and I'm glad that many of the readers told me they learned something from it."

He recommends those who wish to get published to write about what they're passionate about, stating, "Writing something you enjoy covering brings out your confidence and expertise, especially when it comes to an opinion piece. In my humble opinion, I believe online journals should be written in the vernacular of a conversation between two people who know each other well, while also having the composition of an academic publication."

The Latino Institute congratulates Hinton on this accomplishment and all the dedication he has shown to the Institute.

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