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Spring Embedded Programs

The perfect way to turn a spring semester course into a global adventure!

Spring Embedded Programs are academic courses that take place over the Spring semester with a special international experience, either in the May or Spring Break travel period, woven into the traditional class-based setting. These programs provide students and faculty first-hand opportunities to immerse themselves on the ground in a global classroom. A Seton Hall Faculty Leader will partner up with local resources to lead programs in small groups, allowing for maximum interaction and a meaningful travel experience. Numerous departments offer Spring Embedded Programs for a duration of a week or two.

Important: Applications may be submitted and approved after the Priority Application Deadline at the discretion of the Faculty Leader up until the Confirmation Deadline (December 15). To learn more about a program’s excursions, academics and itinerary, click the program links below.

Spring 2023 Programs

Program Country Term Faculty Department  

Archaeology and Civilization of Ancient Greece

Greece Spring Semester (Spring Break) Nicholas Stufano Languages, Literatures and Cultures  

Catholic Intellectual Traditions of Healthcare in Mexico

Mexico Spring Semester (Spring Break) Josephine Devito Catholic Studies and Nursing  

Comparative Justice Systems in Colombia

Colombia Spring Semester (May Embedded) Giuseppe Fazari Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work and Criminal Justice  

Doing Business in India

India Spring Semester (Spring Break) A.D. Amar Management

Italy in the Footsteps of the Saints

Italy Spring Semester
(Spring Break)
Ines Murzaku Catholic Studies  

Organizational Behavior in Innsbruck

Austria Spring Semester (May Embedded) Karen Boroff Management  

Theatre in London

United Kingdom Spring Semester (Spring Break)

Peter Reader

Communication and the Arts  

Other Recurring Programs

Program Country Term Faculty Department Next Active Term

Foundations of Christian Culture: Italy


Spring Semester
(Spring Break)

Ines Murzaku

Catholic Studies

Spring 2024

Tuscan Tales: Travel Writing in Italy


Spring Semester (May Embedded)

Nathan Oates


Spring 2024

Foreign Policy Challenges in Southeast Asia


Spring Semester (May Embedded)

Ann Marie Murphy

Diplomacy and International Relations

Spring 2024

African Union Seminar in Ethiopia


Spring Semester (Spring Break)


Diplomacy and International Relations

Spring 2024

Please note: Feel free to reach out to faculty leader by clicking on their name above or their program title to learn more.

Spring Embedded Benefits:

  • Seton Hall Courses: These are Seton Hall courses taught by dedicated Seton Hall faculty who have a passion and expertise in the destination you are about to explore! Some Spring Embedded Programs also involve courses taught at a local partner institution abroad.
  • Valuable Cross-listings: Many of our Spring Embedded Programs are cross-listed to meet multiple types of degree requirements including key CORE 3000-level offerings. Regardless of major, you can keep on track for graduation!
  • Unique Global Experiences: Spring Embedded Programs are crafted to immerse you with local cultures on a global scale and provide a truly special way to experience course concepts at incredible international destinations 
  • Seton Hall Students: Being part of a Spring Embedded Program means you'll get to know your fellow travelers as Seton Hall students. Encourage your Pirate friends to join you on your adventure regardless of major!
  • Spring Embedded Undergraduate Tuition: Undergraduate students studying abroad with a spring semester embedded program (spring break or May travel) pay their typical semester tuition with no additional SHU tuition cost as long their Spring semester course load is 18 credits or less.

Spring Embedded Checklist

Your journey to a Spring Embedded study abroad program begins here!

  • Research Program Options and Details: The best action begins with reflection. Translate your passions into a Spring Embedded Program that best suits your goals and interests.
  • Attend a Get Started Info Session: This is a good time to attend our weekly, in-person Get Started Info Session in the Global Commons to learn about your study abroad options and ask any questions you might have.
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor: You should consult with your Academic Advisor about your Spring Embedded abroad ideas and how studying abroad can work with your degree requirements.
  • Research and Apply for Study Abroad Scholarships: Many scholarships have early deadlines so apply asap, even if you haven't decided on a program yet. Click here to learn more about scholarship opportunities that can help support your Spring Embedded adventure.
  • Accessibility Abroad: Students seeking accommodations on a study abroad program are encouraged to begin the process with the DSS office at least 6 months in advance of the program start date. Click here to learn more about that process.

Application Process
Priority Application Deadline: November 15*

Applying to a Spring Embedded Program is super easy and can be competed in just a matter of minutes!  Even if you are still considering your study abroad options with your family and faculty, still apply to every program you are interested in! There is no application fee or commitment needed to apply to any Seton Hall Study Abroad Program. Once you are approved for a Spring Embedded Program, you can decide whether you wish to confirm your spot or not.

Applications for all Seton Hall Study Abroad Programs are approved on a first come, first serve basis (as are confirmations after approval). A minimum GPA of 2.5 required and students cannot be on disciplinary probation level II or higher at the time of departure.

All the following is what's required in your online application within the Study Abroad Portal which you can access thru the Apply Now button on each program page:

  • Seton Hall Program Checklist (Read and Acknowledge) 
  • Assumption of Risk, Waiver of Liability, Release of Claims and Indemnification (Acknowledge and Sign)
  • Authorization for Access to Student Information (Acknowledge and Sign)
  • Consent for the Processing of Personal Data (Acknowledge and Sign)
  • Disability Support Services (Read and Acknowledge)
  • Your Passport Status (Read and Answer): A valid passport is required for all Seton Hall University programs taking place outside of the United States. Students do not need a valid passport to apply, be approved or confirmed for a Seton Hall Study Abroad Program but they should have a valid passport prior to departure.
  • Emergency Contacts (Read and Answer)
  • Personal Statement (Read and Answer): Students write a few sentences on why they wish to join that particular Spring Embedded Program.

*Important: Applications may be submitted and approved after the Priority Application Deadline at the discretion of the Faculty Leader up until the Confirmation Deadline (December 15).

Confirmation Process
Confirmation Deadline: December 15

Congratulations! If you've reached this stage, this means you've been approved for a Spring Embedded Program and received an email from OIP notifying you about your change in status. Once you click on the link in that email, you'll be taken to your decision letter with the following instructions within the Study Abroad Portal.

For Approved Students: Acceptance into your Spring Embedded Program does not guarantee you a spot until you complete the confirmation process. Students are confirmed on a first come, first-serve basis. There are a few additional steps in the confirmation process. Your spot is not confirmed until you complete the following within the Study Abroad Portal (detailed instructions are found there as well):

  • Select the Commit button.
  • Read and sign the "Acknowledgement of Refund, Participation and Withdrawal Policy"
  • Submit a Non-Refundable Deposit payment thru the link provided within the Study Abroad Portal.
    • This is typically $500 that goes towards the cost of the overall program fee with the exception of Organizational Behavior in Innsbruck.

Once you complete the above requirements, the Office of International Programs will update your application status to "Confirmed," indicating your spot is secure for this program. Please allow at most 12 hours for your status to be changed to Confirmed.

Important: Approved students do not need a valid passport to be confirmed for a Seton Hall Study Abroad Program, but they should have a valid passport prior to departure. Click here to learn more about passports and visas.


Hooray! You've been confirmed for your Spring Embedded Program and your seat is secure. Here's what happens between your confirmation and your departure, as well as some important remaining requirements.

  • Course Registration: The Registrar will register officially confirmed students into the course(s) associated with your Spring Embedded Program on your behalf. All Spring Embedded Programs sections are purposely closed, and their capacity set to zero so that only confirmed students are registered.
  • Student Pre-Departure Requirements: 30 days prior to your international departure, officially confirmed students must submit the following information through the Study Abroad Portal.
    • Dietary Restrictions or Food Allergies (Read and Submit)
    • Online Student Pre-Departure Orientation (Read and Answer Quiz)
    • International Medical Insurance Coverage (Read and Submit): As a part of the program fee, OIP will enroll all Spring Embedded Program students in GeoBlue International Insurance. Click here to learn more about this coverage.
    • Passport Information (Read and Submit): For a passport to be considered valid for international travel, the expiration date on your passport must be at least 6 months after the program end date. If it is not, please learn about how to apply for a new passport.
    • Phone Number and Secondary Email While Abroad (Read and Submit)
    • STEP Registration - U.S. Department of State (Read and Acknowledge): OIP will register all Spring Embedded Abroad students with the U.S. Department of State so local embassies or consulates in your destination country can better assist you in case of an emergency.
    • Study Abroad Health Information (Read and Acknowledge): Learning content about health and wellness abroad. Click here to visit our Health and Safety page for more info.
    • Flight Itinerary (if applicable, Submit): Some Spring Embedded Programs include round-trip flight as part of the Program Fee.
  • Family Pre-Departure Orientation (optional): As part of the pre-departure process during the Spring semester, OIP will host a virtual Family Pre-Departure Orientation which will go over the pre-departure process and provide tips and resources for families. Email invitations will be sent out to the Emergency Contacts that the students submitted as part of their application.
  • Study Abroad Visa (if applicable)Click here to visit our Passports and Visas page for more info if this applies to your program and your citizenship status.
  • Balance Due Date: April 15
    • Students who do not pay the full program fee by the deadline will risk being dropped from the corresponding study abroad course(s).