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Exchange Programs

Seton Hall University offers exchange programs with universities in Germany, Ireland, Japan, South Korea and the United Kingdom. Exchange programs not only offer students a great opportunity to spend time at a foreign university, but also the opportunity to truly experience and become immersed in a new culture. Most of these programs also give students the opportunity to live with local families or other international students. Participants in the exchange programs live the study abroad experience while paying Seton Hall tuition, which can be funded by currently held scholarships, loans and grants.

Exchange Deadlines:
Spring semester: August 1st
Fall semester: March 1st

Exchange Checklist/Application

Seton Hall University Tuition Exchange Agreements

Please use the chart below to pick a program based on your major and then contact the program advisor for more information.

Program Country Length Department Contact
Metropolitan University College Denmark Semester School of Health & Medical Sciences Dean's Office
Sogang University South Korea Semester & Academic Year Open to all majors Ms. Maria Bouzas
University of Muenster Germany Semester & Academic Year Open to all majors Ms. Maria Bouzas
University College Cork Ireland Semester & Academic Year Open to all majors Dr. Hector Lozada-Vega
University of Westminster England Semester & Academic Year Open to all majors Dr. Hector Lozada-Vega
Management Center, Innsbruck Austria Semester & Academic Year Stillman School of Business Dr. Hector Lozada-Vega
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics China Semester & Academic Year Stillman School of Business Dr. Hector Lozada-Vega
Dublin Institute of Technology Ireland Semester & Academic Year Stillman School of Business Dr. Hector Lozada-Vega


Exchange Programs Checklist

  • Research Destination: Familiarize yourself with the different institutions Seton Hall has exchange agreements with to help you decide which host country and institution appeals to your academic and individual interests.
  • Join a Study Abroad Info Session: The Study Abroad team is here to assist you with any questions and concerns you have about the study abroad process with a provider outside of Seton Hall. Click here to register.
  • Meet with Your Advisor: Make sure to check if you are eligible to study abroad with your academic advisor and discuss with them what programs and providers would work best with your degree requirements.
  • Disability Student Services: Students with health concerns and disabilities are encouraged to communicate with the Office of Disability Support Services regarding their interest in studying abroad. Click here to learn more about Accessibility Abroad.
  • Understand Tuition & Financial Aid: Because of the exchange agreements between Seton Hall University and partner institutions, Seton Hall students will continue paying Seton Hall tuition and the appropriate fees during their time studying in their host country. Please visit the Money Matters page here for further explanation and a breakdown of which fees and costs apply.
  • Start the Exchange Program/Third Party Provider Study Abroad Application: All Seton Hall students studying abroad must submit the SHU Study Abroad Application Packet.
    • Included in the application are the following. These four documents are required for the student to fill out and can be completed independently.
      • SHU Application Form
      • Assumption of Risk, Waiver of Liability, Release of Claims and Indemnification
      • Authorization for Access to Student Information
      • Notice Regarding Personal Data of Students Studying in the European Union Consent for Processing Data (completed by all students regardless of destination)
    • The student’s Certification of Social Standing which confirms that the student is not on disciplinary probation 2 or higher, is completed by OIP.
    • The student is also responsible for completing the Credit Transfer Form and providing (2) necessary recommendation letters/e-mails. Since these documents require other individuals for completion, please ensure you provide ample time to do so ahead of the appropriate deadline.
  • Start the Partner Institution's Application: Seton Hall students participating in an exchange program must be nominated by the Office of International Programs, which is done following the completion of the SHU Study Abroad Application. After their nomination has been accepted, the student will be responsible for completing this additional application in order for their seat to be confirmed.
  • Attend a Travel Thursdays Session: Travel Thursdays are evening events hosted throughout the semester by Seton Hall's study abroad team to help students explore their global interests and to prepare them for life in their host country.
  • Obtain Travel Documents: Every Seton Hall student studying abroad needs to have the following documents finalized and submitted to OIP at least one month before departure:
    • Registration with the STEP Program: Proof of registration with the U.S. Department of State is completed through the Smart Travel Enrollment Program, which provides traveler information to the Department of State in case of an emergency in your host country.
    • Passport: All Seton Hall students going abroad are required to submit a copy of their passport. Click here to visit our Passports and Visas page for further information.
    • Proof of International Health Insurance: All Seton Hall students going abroad are required have an international health insurance plan. If your Third-Party Study Abroad Provider does not provide you with insurance, you must purchase GeoBlue International Health Insurance. Click here for more details about Seton Hall’s international health insurance policy with GeoBlue .