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How to Study Abroad

Factors to Consider When Making Your Decision to Study Abroad

  1. Destination
    • Language
    • Relevancy to coursework
    • Personal preferences/desires
    • Cost of living (daily life costs, travel within and to the country, exchange rate)
  2. When to study abroad
    • First and last 30 credits should be taken at SHU, unless permission is given by your Dean to do otherwise
    • Discuss with your academic advisor how studying abroad can fulfill requirements of your academic program
    • Summer language credits may not be transferrable if an equivalent SHU course is offered
    • Take into account local weather
    • Think about travel options prior to or after your studies
  3. Choosing a program/provider
    • Does SHU have an exchange or faculty-led program in your desired country? You can apply your scholarships and aid to SHU’s exchange programs!
    • Reputation of provider (ask OIP and check reviews online)
    • What is included in program cost (i.e., tuition, accommodations, insurance, some excursions, etc.)
    • Costs can vary depending on which city in the country you choose, accommodation options, etc.
    • Available scholarships from provider
    • Additional services available (excursions, insurance, accommodation options)
  4. Scholarships and funding search engines:
  5. Gather information from former participants

Study Abroad Checklist -To be completed in order!

  1. If you are a student with a disability in need of accommodations to fully participate on a study abroad trip, you must contact the Office of Disability Support Services (DSS), Duffy Hall, Room 67, at the time of application. For more information or to register for services, contact DSS at (973) 313-6003 or by e-mail at
  2. Apply for passport (May take up to six weeks to process)
  3. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss course selection (bring credit transfer form and course descriptions)
  4. Meet with Gary Thomas  in Financial Aid about loans/grants (N/A for summer)
  5. Apply to study abroad program. Deadlines vary by semester and program!
  6. Complete the OIP study abroad application (check application checklist for deadlines)
  7. Apply for your student visa (if necessary) – check with program to inquire
  8. Book flight! ONLY after you have been approved by program, OIP and received visa, if applicable

If you choose to study abroad, you must apply through the OIP! Contact us: or 973-761-9072.

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