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How to Study Abroad

Factors to Consider When Making Your Decision to Study Abroad

  1. Look into private scholarships
  2. Decide on destination
    • Consider language
    • Relevancy to coursework
    • Personal preferences/ desires
  3. Consider when you want to study abroad
    • Take into account local weather
    • Think about travel options prior to or after your studies (EX: tourism)
    • Discuss with your academic adviser how studying abroad might affect your course requirements each year
  4. Consider the following factors when choosing a study abroad program/provider:
    • Does Seton Hall have an exchange program in your desired country?
    • Where does each provider offer programs (EX: cities, universities)
    • Program costs
    • Length of program --end and start dates
    • Additional services they might provide (EX: day trips, support)

Once you have made your decision:
Study Abroad Checklist - To be completed in order!

  • Apply for passport (May take up to six weeks to process)
  • Complete Seton Hall study abroad application
  • Complete Credit Transfer Sheet
    • Meet with your academic advisor to discuss course selection
    • Get signatures from appropriate departments (OIP should be your last stop)
    • Turn in completed form to Enrollment Services (keep copy for yourself)
  • Study abroad provided application (due dates vary by program)
  • Book flight! (Start early and check often for best prices)
  • Get your student visa (if necessary) --check embassy website of destination country
  • HTH Travel Insurance payment (If your program doesn't already include insurance)
  • Meet with Gary Thomas in Financial Aid about loans/grants (N/A for summer)
  • E-mail the Assets Management Office ( if you would like to take your laptop abroad or stop by Tech Services in the basement of Corrigan Hall
  • Meet with HRL and submit a withdrawal from housing form --if necessary, make sure you have a friend who can register you for housing for the next semester

  If you choose to study abroad, you must apply through the OIP

Download a PDF version of this checklist »

Apply to Study Abroad

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