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Exploring Programs

Factors to Consider When Making Your Decision to Study Abroad

  1. Destination
    • Language
    • Relevancy to coursework
    • Personal preferences/desires
    • Cost of living (daily life costs, travel within and to the country, exchange rate)
  2. When to study abroad
    • First and last 30 credits should be taken at SHU, unless permission is given by your Dean to do otherwise
    • Discuss with your academic advisor how studying abroad can fulfill requirements of your academic program
    • Summer language credits may not be transferrable if an equivalent SHU course is offered
    • Take into account local weather
    • Think about travel options prior to or after your studies
  3. Choosing a program/provider
    • Does SHU have an exchange or faculty-led program in your desired country? You can apply your scholarships and aid to SHU’s exchange programs!
    • Reputation of provider (ask OIP and check reviews online)
    • What is included in program cost (i.e., tuition, accommodations, insurance, some excursions, etc.)
    • Costs can vary depending on which city in the country you choose, accommodation options, etc.
    • Available scholarships from provider
    • Additional services available (excursions, insurance, accommodation options)
  4. Scholarships and funding search engines:
  5. Gather information from former participants

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