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Seton Hall University
Students Walking Across the Seton Hall Campus

Current F1 Students

Maintaining Your F1 Status

The U.S. federal government considers you to be in valid F-1 status if you fulfill all of the conditions of your F-1 visa. For more information on regulations and maintaining status »

ESL Attendance Policy

Coming to class is very important! Please be aware of the ESLP attendance policy:

Students must attend classes and be on time. Students cannot be absent more than 4 times from one class or more than 12 times total for the entire semester.

Practical Training


  • On Campus Jobs
  • F-1 Students are eligible for Departmentally funded on campus jobs. If the job posting does not specify how the income is funded please contact the office hiring for that position.


  • OIP Update Form 
    Students must notify OIP within ten (10) days of any change to your physical address or contact information. This is a requirement of the U.S. Government.
  • F-2 Dependent Application
    If your spouse and or child(ren) will accompany you to the United States, please complete the F-2 Dependent Application for each individual. The link above consists of the instructions, as well as the application. Please return this application to our office by mail, fax or email.
  • Part-Time Enrollment Form
    In order to maintain your status as an F-1 Visa Student, you must be enrolled at Seton Hall University as a full time student. If you must become a part time student under unforeseen circumstances, please complete this form for part-time enrollment consideration. 
  • Program Extension
    This form is required for all international students who plan to extend their program of study at Seton Hall University. Bring this form to your academic advisor for review of your request to extend. Once complete, please submit this form and supporting financial documents to the Office of International Programs at least 15 days before your program end-date listed on the I-20 or DS-2019. This is not for ESL Students. ESL Students should make an appointment with the Office of International Programs.
  • Letter Request Form
    This form is required for current students to request letters from the OIP. These letters include Graduation Invitation letters, Driver's License letters, and Address Verification for on-campus students.
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