Seton Hall University
ICOPS 2017

Technical Committee  

Technical Program Chair

Kurt Becker
Kurt Becker
New York University

Technical Area Chairs

Fundamental Research & Basic Processes

WeiDong Zhu
Saint Peter’s University, USA

Microwave Generation and Plasma Interactions

Sarita Devi Prasad
University of New Mexico, USA


Charged Particle Beams & Sources

Evgeniya Locke picture
Evgeniya Lock
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, USA

High Energy Density Plasmas & Applications

Christine Coverdale
Sandia National Laboratories, USA

Industrial, Commercial, and Medical Applications 

Greg Fridman
Drexel University, USA


Achim von Keudell
Ruhr University Bochum, Germany

Pulsed Power and other Plasma Applications

Tao Shao
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China