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Board of Advisors

The Center's Advisory Board consists of a carefully selected, diverse group of entrepreneurs and other business community members. The purpose of the board is to provide non-binding guidance to maximize the Center's strategic development, growth and success. Each member brings expertise from their specialized field from a variety of industries, creating a well-rounded resource for the Center.

Abe Kasbo

Abe Kasbo, '94, MPA '99 (Chair)
CEO, Verasoni Worldwide
Joe Hughes

Joseph Hughes, '71 (Vice Chair)
President and CEO, Country Club Services

Sunny Bathla Sunny Bathla, '00, MBA '15
Vice President, Virtusa
Frank Cannone Frank Cannone, JD '91
Chair, Corporate Dept., Gibbons
bill catalano Bill Catalano, '86
Growth Advisor & Investor, WDC Angel Holdings

Brian Fitzpatrick

Brian Fitzpatrick, '75
CEO, Bentley Laboratories, LLC

David Gerstein

David Gerstein, '63 (Emeritus)
President and CEO, Thermwell Products Company
Bryan Yakovcic Bryan Jakovcic, '09
President and Owner, Fusion Health
Headshot image of Alissa L. Lopez
Alissa L. Lopez, MBA '19
Product Market Manager, Fiveable Inc., Founder & CEO, Family Balance Planner LLC
Taseen Peterson headshot Taseen Peterson, '14
Founder and CEO, Gamefuly, Inc.
Pravina Headshot Pravina Raghavan, MBA '01
Executive Vice President, Small Business Services & Economic Development, Empire State Development
Ricci headshot Victor Ricci, '17
Director of Growth, X-Mode Social.
Gabino Roche Headshot Gabino Roche, '98
CEO & Founder, Saphyre
Peter Tu Peter Tu, MBA '87, JD '94
Managing Partner, Law Offices of Peter Tu