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Dynamic Speaker to Lead Dialogue About Unconscious Bias, Part of Campus Diversity and Inclusion Initiative  

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James Wright is a former senior leader of inclusion and diversity units at Apple Inc., LinkedIn and NBC Universal.

Building on its success from last year, the Seton Hall University Inclusion Speaker Series will continue in 2019-2020 with four presentations for students and employees.

On Monday, September 23, the University welcomes its first speaker, James Wright, a former senior leader of inclusion and diversity units at Apple Inc., LinkedIn and NBC Universal. A featured guest on NBC and FOX, Wright's articles and commentary frequently appear on LinkedIn and his expertise has been included in the Washington Post as well as several SHRM articles. His additional experience includes organizing lobbying conventions and political visits for senior government officials including two U.S. Presidents.

Wright attended Erskine College in South Carolina and The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.

His presentation, "Hidden Brain: The Power of Unconscious Bias in the Workplace," explores the neurocognitive science behind bias, how it can impact critical decisions and ways we can mitigate that impact. It will be held on 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. in Bethany Hall.

On October 30, the speaker series continues with a presentation by Freddimir García, Regional Director for Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement at Westchester Medical Center. Two more speakers will be announced for Spring 2020.

These dialogues are intended to help participants engage in self-reflection by examining how what we say and do promotes inclusion and student and employee success. Each presentation will be approximately one hour in length and all faculty, administrators, staff and students are invited to attend and participate.

The speaker series is a continuation of the many Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives that occurred during the 2018-19 academic year. Four esteemed speakers delivered presentations on campus: Mr. Reginald F. Butler, a widely recognized motivational speaker, consultant and educator; Mrs. Cristina Santos, Head of Inclusion and Diversity and EEO–North America at Sanofi; Katrice A. Albert, Ph.D., the executive vice president of inclusion and human resources for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA); and Mary D. Hinton, Ph.D., president of the College of St. Benedict in Minnesota.

Other 2018-19 Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives included training workshops held on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, with keynote address by Elizabeth Williams-Riley, the executive director of the American Council on Diversity, as well as the establishment of the Diversity Reading Group, which met to discuss books that speak to diversity issues of various kinds.

In 2019-20, Seton Hall created several offerings and initiatives to promote inclusion on campus. These include a faculty seminar on challenging racism and teaching for inclusion, organized by the Center for Vocation and Servant Leadership. Through this seminar, participants have the opportunity for reflection concerning racism so they will become advocates for honest dialogue and agents of transformation at Seton Hall disciplines. In 2019-20, about a dozen faculty will participate in each seminar, which will be held once every semester. The University has also allocated an additional $20,000 in the FY20 budget for student-planned activities during Black History, Hispanic-Latino History, Women's History and Islamic History months, as well as other multi-cultural celebrations.

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