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Seton Hall University
Recruiting and Employment

Hiring Review Process

In an on-going effort to be responsible stewards of financial resources and to conserve funds which will enable us to manage current and future budget shortfalls during these difficult economic times, Seton Hall University, at the direction of the President, has established a Hiring Review Committee.


The purpose of this memorandum is to inform the University’s hiring managers of the scope of the review process for newly created and/or replacement positions that are identified as critical to the performance of the University’s mission.


The hiring review process applies to all regular (full and part-time) administrative and staff positions. Temporary positions, unless they are to cover for a regular employee who is on a leave of more than two (2) weeks, will also require review. (The use of temporary staff should be limited.)

The hiring review process does not apply to positions that are fully supported by a grant or external funding (funding must be available at least through December 31, 2012).

Procedures and Guidelines

  1. At the direction of the President, the Hiring Review Committee will be composed of the Vice President for Mission and Ministry, the Provost, and the Associate Vice President for Human Resources.
  2. Only positions that have been reviewed and approved by the Hiring Review Committee (HRC) as critical will be posted/advertised and actively recruited.
  3. Utilizing the Hiring Review Justification Form, the Hiring Review Committee will consider the following criteria in its review:
    • The requested position performs duties critical to the operation of the department and cannot be met with current personnel.
    • The failure to fill the position creates an immediate public safety concern, accreditation risk, and/or compliance issue.
    • The availability of current funding within the requesting department.
  4. The Hiring Review Committee will meet as often as necessary.
  5. Departments must submit requests to the HRC with the appropriate authorization, using the Hiring Review Justification Form.
  6. Before submitting a hiring request to the HRC, it must first be reviewed, approved and signed by the divisional Vice President.
  7. In the case of administrative and staff requests, the completed Hiring Review Justification Form should be forwarded to the Department of Human Resources c/o the Associate Vice President. (Requests for faculty positions should be forwarded to the Office of the Provost, c/o the Provost.)
  8. Requests should be forwarded to the committee as soon as possible.

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