Seton Hall University

Annual and Promotional Salary Increases

Compensation handles all salary-related requests and annual increases.

Annual Increases

The University administers annual across-the-board increases on July 1 of each year to employees with satisfactory performance, when funding is available to do so.  While it is the intent of the University to provide annual salary increases, Seton Hall cannot guarantee that such increases will occur every year, nor can it guarantee an amount.  Increases are processed for administrators and non-union staff as follows, based on their date of hire:

July 1  - December 31: Full Annual Increase Amount
January 1  - March 31: Prorated Increase Amount
April 1  - June 30: No Annual Increase

Local 153 and Local 68 annual salary increases are determined by the respective contracts.

Market Adjustments & Promotional Salary Increases

Human Resources reviews market data and internal salaries regularly.  From time to time, it may be necessary and appropriate to adjust salaries to recognize significant market changes or to establish/maintain internal equity.  HR will initiate such reviews or a supervisor may request a market review of a direct report's salary.

If a direct report's duties have significantly changed, the supervisor may request a promotional salary increase.  For more information regarding promotional salary increases, please contact the Compensation Analyst.

In order to begin either salary review process, please complete the appropriate Administrative or Staff Job Description Form (available on the Forms section of the HR website).  Please email the completed form to Nancy Wentz, Compensation Analyst, at  Compensation will review the Job Description Form, any changes to the position, and market rates for similar positions.  Compensation will then assign a grade to the position and determine the appropriate salary.  In order to effectuate any grade or salary changes, the supervisor must complete and circulate a Salary Change/Payment Authorization Form.

Any administrator or non-union staff who receives a promotional increase or a market adjustment will receive an annual salary increase in accordance with the above guidelines for newly hired administrators and non-union staff.  For example, if an individual is promoted on 3/1, he/she will be eligible for a prorated annual salary increase.

Local 153 and Local 68 promotional increases are determined by the respective contracts.  Please see the Reclassification of Local 153 positions link on the Compensation page of the HR website for more information regarding Local 153 promotional increases.