Seton Hall University

Wait List Process

The Housing and Residence Life office reserves 1,150 beds for returning students and 1,150 beds for incoming freshmen and transfer students. Students who complete a housing application and pay a housing deposit but are not among the first 1,150 students will be placed on a housing wait list.  While we are only accepting the amount of applications and deposits which we are able to accommodate in our residence halls through our room selection process and through our freshmen room assignment process, there is a chance that the demand for housing will exceed our housing inventory.

Should this occur, we will organize full-time, registered returning students into a wait list and a new student wait list. These lists will be organized using the date of housing deposit payment and distance from home to campus with priority given to students with an earlier deposit date and a further distance from home. 
Wait list students are given housing assignments based on the availability of a bed space.

When an assigned student cancels their room assignment, a student from the wait list is placed in that vacancy and will be sent an email to their official Seton Hall University account. It is important to note that while a student may have his/her name on the housing wait list, this does not guarantee a space in University sponsored housing.