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Seton Hall University
Students living in dorms during the summer.

Summer Housing

Summer Housing is available for Seton Hall University students who are enrolled in Summer classes, working for the University, or completing a University-affiliated internship. 

The Summer Housing application becomes available on a student's Housing Profile on PirateNet at the end of March. Summer housing location varies year to year as the needs for facilities use vary.

Students may select the summer session in which they are enrolled.

Summer 2019 Rates

Xavier Hall

  • Intersession I May 21 - June 10: $660
  • Intersession II June 11 - June 28: $527
  • Intersessions I & II May 21 - June 28: $1,285
  • Summer I (5 Weeks) May 21 - June 25: $1,154
  • Summer I (6 Weeks) May 21 – July 2: $1,385
  • Summer II July 8 - August 8: $1,121
  • All Summer May 21 - August 8: $2,694

Due to summer program offerings, we cannot offer single rooms as an option unless a registered DSS need. Additional days including late stay or early arrival requests in double occupancy must be coordinated with the Summer RHD and are billed at $32/day, including days between August 8th and Fall Move Over (August 21st).

Additionally, students residing in Turrell Manor or Ora Manor may opt to extend their lease for the summer months.

Turrell Manor Lease Extension
Open only to current Turrell residents.

  • S1: $2,085
  • S2: $2,065
  • D1: $1,650
  • D2: $1,636
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