Seton Hall University

Resident Assistant Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a first-year student apply for the RA position?
Yes, first-year students can apply to the RA position. However, first-year students cannot be RAs.

2. Can I have a job on campus while being an RA?
Yes, RAs can have an on-campus job, however they cannot be Peer Advisors. RAs are expected to be available for all their HRL commitments and be able to balance the job along with their academics.

3. Do I need to apply for and deposit for housing?
Candidates applying for the Resident Assistant position must apply for housing and submit their deposit, to secure a housing space should they not receive an offer to become an RA. If hired, new RAs will have their deposit credited to their account. Returning RAs, however, only must apply for housing; returning RAs do not submit a housing deposit.

4. What are the benefits of the RA position?
The benefits of being an RA include professional development, transferable job skills, new relationships with campus resources and fellow staff members. Additionally, RAs learn about conflict resolution, management as well crisis prevention. RAs also receive a room and board grant.

5. What are the qualifications for applying?
Attend one RA information session, maintain a 2.75 GPA or higher and good standing in our judicial system. Candidates must be enrolled for at least 1 academic semester.

6. Can commuters apply for the RA position?
Yes, commuter students can apply and become a RA. In fact, HRL has had many successful RAs that were commuters at one point during their time at Seton Hall.

7. Can graduate level students apply for the RA position?
Unfortunately, they cannot, but we encourage graduate students to check for graduate assistantships instead.

8. Do RAs have roommates?
Some Resident Assistants have suitemates and if needed, may have a roommate. This is based on their RA placement.

9. As an RA, how many residents will I be responsible for?
RAs typically have 35 to 55 residents. It will vary per residence hall.

10. What is the time commitment for being an RA?
There is no set of hours that the RA position requires, however, staff members must balance office hours, desk shifts, evening/weekend duty as well as maintaining a strong community with each resident on their floor. Candidates will learn more about job responsibilities during a RA information session.

11. How early do RAs move in? How late do they stay? Do they go home for breaks?
Staff is expected to move in early August for training. For break periods, staff is expected to stay a few hours after the halls close and return before the halls open. In January, RAs are expected to arrive back to campus a few days before the start of the spring semester.

12. If I am a RA, can I go home on weekends?
Yes, RAs can go home on the weekends, but are expected to remain on campus at least 2 weekends per month.

13. Can RA s have cars on campus?
RAs follow the same policies as non-RA students for having cars on campus. You can find more parking information here.

14. What is an alternate RA?
An alternate RA is not offered a spot-on staff but could be hired should a vacancy open. There is no timeline for or if an alternate will be hired.

15. Do I have to reapply every year to be an RA if I am hired or want to apply after not being hired?
Yes, current RAs must complete an evaluation form and their job performance is reviewed. They participate in a separate rehiring process. New RA candidates who are not hired can reapply each year if interested.

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Attend an RA info session