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Seton Hall University

Priority Points

To receive housing at Seton Hall University, returning students participate in the open room selection process… A student's outcome in this process is largely based upon the number of Priority Points they earn.  Read on to find out how your involvement in the University can earn you Priority Points.


The Department of Housing & Residence Life will simply take each student's cumulative grade point average as of the time of point calculation, usually on or about March 1st annually.  Students attempting to have grades changed need to know that we cannot consider grade changes unless they are completed by the calculation date.

The higher the student's cumulative grade point average the more Priority Points they earn.

Cumulative GPA
3.75-4.0  10
3.50-3.74 9
3.25-3.49 8
3.00-3.24 7
2.75-2.99 6
2.50-2.74 5
2.25-2.49 4
2.00-2.24 3
1.80-1.99 2
Less than 1.80 1

Freshmen who have a 1.99 or lower will have the opportunity to submit a mid-semester progress report from Freshmen Students to earn an extra point in this category. These requests will be considered only after consultation with the Freshmen Studies department.

Spring Term Transfer students may submit a transcript from their prior institution.

Judicial Status

Judicial status is based on the student's current disciplinary record as of the time Points are being calculated.  It is the student's responsibility to know and understand the policies and procedures of the Department of Housing & Residence Life, and of the University.  Behavior consistent with those of policies and procedures will result in good judicial standing, and in turn the ability to earn credit toward more Priority Points.

Current Sanction Level
No Disciplinary Record  10
Disciplinary Reprimand 9
More than 1 Disciplinary Reprimand 8
Probation I for 1 semester 6
Probation I for 1 academic year 4
Probation II
University or Res. Life Suspension
University or Res. Life  Expulsion 0

Students who have any questions about their disciplinary status are encouraged to meet with their Residence Hall Director (RHD) and/or Community Development prior to submitting their housing application for Room Selection.  Current disciplinary sanction that is final by the date the housing room selection process begins will affect the Priority Point totals in this category.

Residence Hall Citizenship

Residence Hall Citizenship is taking a role on the floor and building in which you live.  Every resident has a responsibility to the residence hall community, and those who are most involved in fulfilling that responsibility will benefit the most.  Not only will those students enjoy the residence halls more, they will be rewarded with more Priority Points in the category.

Residence Hall Citizenship Points reflect attendance at residence hall programs and activities ( in their entirety), including non-mandatory floor meetings, participation in Hall Council, assisting with planning and coordination of floor or hall activities, as well as any other sustained participation in the residence hall community. Based on your level of citizenship throughout the academic year students can be awarded up to 10 Priority Points in this category.

Students who demonstrate model citizenship by showing care for their community and responsibility for obligations will be eligible for Points under the Hall Council & Citizenship part of this category. These points will be awarded at the discretion of HRL staff.

Activity Level
Res. Hall
Program Attendance
(based on number of HRL programs attended)
Hall Council & Citizenship
(based on participation in Hall Council and demonstrating model citizenship)

What is active and regular involvement?

We define that as participation on a weekly basis. That participation may be attending a hall council meeting, going to a program, helping a resident assistant with a bulletin board, organizing your fellow residents to go to a movie, volunteering for a service project or more.

How will this be measured?

Attendance will be recorded during residence hall programs and activities, including but not limited to hall council, hall socials, hall service projects, floor meeting, etc.  Points will be awarded based on the average number of programs attended by residents of each hall.  In other words, the more programs you attend, the more credit you'll earn towards Priority Points.

What if a student isn't able to attend many programs?

Students can be involved in various ways outside of program attendance.  Those students who help their RA in creating and preparing for programs, or who are actively involved in Hall Council and students who take part in their community building process can also earn credit towards priority points in this category.

Campus Involvement

Active participation in a university club, Greek letter organization, honor society, varsity or intramural team, campus volunteer experience, and a campus job as well as regular attendance at Pirates' on-campus athletic events will enable students to earn Priority Points in this category.  The maximum number of points awarded in this category is 10 and participation in the activities must be continuous throughout the academic year.

Clubs/ Organizations: These activities are highly regarded based on our acknowledgment of the direct impact clubs and organizations have on the student development closely related to the mission of the University of Servant Leadership and volunteerism.

Executive Board Position up to 5 points
High Involvement up to 4 points
Average Involvement up to 3 points
Low Involvement up to 2 points

All students are highly encouraged to be certain that Executive Board members comply with the submission deadline for Campus Involvement rosters set by Housing & deadline for Campus Involvement rosters set by Housing & Residence Life.  Any club or organization which fails to submit correct documentation on time will not have its membership counted towards priority points.  No exceptions will be made.

Intramurals* These points are awarded to students who participate in sports activities as recognition of their involvement in University sponsored activities, and their contribution to building a strong campus community.

Team Captain or participation in at least 80% of scheduled games

2 points

Participation in less than 80% of scheduled games

1 point

*Applies only to teams actively participating as of March 1st of each academic year.

Athletic event Attendance * Showing support to our varsity Pirates and attending athletic events held on-campus can earn up to 2 Priority Points.
*Does not include games played off-campus, at The Prudential Center, or away games.

Student Employment* : These Points are awarded as a recognition of the student's commitment to the campus community by working on campus rather than an off campus site; while considering their time commitment is compensated monetarily.

Employment Fall & Spring Semesters

2 points

One Semester Only

1 point

*Employment must be before March 1st.
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