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Welcome to the Seton Hall University community. As the parents and family members of our resident students you play a vital role in our collective work to provide the most engaging and meaningful residential experience possible for your student. The on campus experience is one which can be life changing; enabling students to grow and develop in ways they may not have envisioned – from doing their own laundry to negotiating a conflict with their roommate to making lifelong friendships and life forming decisions.

The Housing and Residence Life (HRL) staff, made up of both professional full time educators as well as gifted and dedicated student leaders, hopes that you will join us in building up the SHU residence community. As collaborators for the good of our students, we provide this website as a resource and starting point for all things “HRL”. We hope that the information and tools you find here help you to guide and support your student as they live, learn, and lead on the SHU campus.

Family Reference Guide 

HRL Pirate Family Philosophy

No matter what part of the college journey your Pirate is on, whether it's their first time away or their final year in the residence halls, we welcome you, Pirate family, along for the adventure. Similar to the college experience, adventures have an element of fun, surprise, challenge, and learning, and we invite you to collaborate with us as your Pirate navigates to their treasure. As one of their many guides supporting them on their voyage, HRL strives to support and challenge your Pirate as they transform into global citizens in our safe and inclusive living learning communities. You, in conjunction with HRL and the Catholic mission of Seton Hall, serve as your Pirate's map to success. You will find a crew of supporters on this Pirate ship from student Resident Assistants and Tutors to professional staff members who your student can turn to in our residence halls. Pirate ships function the best when there is regular communication so when the seas get rough you and your Pirate can rely on us to guide them to safe waters and clear sailing. Thank you for trusting us with your Pirate. We promise to take good care of them!

Our Parents' Testimonials - From the Parents of the HRL Pros!

We asked our parents who, once upon a time, had to "let go" of us as we made our way onto college.  Read what they had to say »


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