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Housing Billing, Deposits and Refunds

By submitting a room deposit and applying for housing, a student commits to a full academic year Housing License Agreement. Room and board charges are posted to a registered student's account on a semester basis. Additional charges for items such-as lock-outs, lost keys, missing ID cards, or other damage are posted as-needed throughout the year. It is the responsibility of the student ensure their student account remains current through the course of their academic career. 


Freshmen and transfer students who wish to reside in housing pay a $375 housing deposit that is non-refundable after May 1st. There is no deadline to deposit, however, housing is only guaranteed for the first 1,150 deposits received. 

Returning students wishing to participate in Room Selection must pay a $325 housing deposit by February 28th each year. Only 1,150 deposits are accepted. This deposit is non-refundable. 

Often, inventory for housing is in high demand and, as such, a wait list deposit is instituted. These amounts vary based on which housing wait list the student is qualified for and are refundable if the request for housing is not accommodated by the end of the add/drop period. 

Any deposit that is refunded will go back to the student via the method it was paid, unless there is an existing balance on the account, at which point it will go towards the balance.


A student who wishes to cancel their housing assignment prior to move-in, must complete the Housing Assignment Cancellation form to avoid responsibility for any charges. 

Once a student has accepted the key to their room, they are bound by the terms of the Housing License Agreement. Students wishing to release themselves from the terms of the License must complete a Release of Housing License Request Form. Documentation is required for proof of reason. Students whose requests are approved have 48 hours to vacate their room and check-out with an HRL staff member.

A student who wishes to cancel their meal plan prior to add/drop, must complete the Meal Plan Cancellation form. Commuter students wishing to cancel their meal plan after the add/drop date will be subject to cancellation rules.

Please note that once your meal plan has been canceled, all remaining Pirate Bucks will be forfeited.


Room changes are prorated on a daily basis. Students changing rooms to a different room type (i.e. from a triple to a double) will be required to pay the new room rate at a prorated price. 

Students released from housing will have their housing prorated at a 20% per week rate for the first five weeks of the semester. After these five weeks, the student will be responsible for the full cost of their room, unless withdrawing for a medical reason. 

Meal Plans are prorated on a weekly basis. Meal plan changes may only take place during the add/drop period. Meal Plan 3 is never prorated.


All refunds are processed by the Bursar's office in Bayley Hall. The Department of Housing & Residence Life does not accept or issue checks in the office.

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