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Seton Hall University

Housing Basics for New Students

Let's get started toward making a home at the Hall!

Residency on campus is voluntary and there is no requirement for freshmen or other students to live on campus.

Room Availability

Housing is not guaranteed. However, Seton Hall will set aside 1,200 beds for new students. We encourage all incoming students to pay the housing deposit of $375 by May 1, if not sooner.

First year students who pay their housing deposit prior to May 1st will also be able to select their roommate or roommates.  Students who wish to participate in the roommate selection process must also submit a roommate survey.

How to Apply for Housing

Once you have been accepted to Seton Hall University, you may pay your housing deposit online, at the same link where you pay your tuition deposit.  Please be sure to pay the deposit for students new to housing.  Note: the housing deposit is non-refundable after May 1st.

Room Assignments, Roommates and Moving Instructions

All new students are assigned to Boland or Aquinas Hall. We pick the residence hall based on the core classes you select during Pirate Adventure. We group you with other new students in your class sections, giving you a living learning community in your hall. The living learning community is an essential part of your freshman experience, so we do not honor roommate requests outside of your core classes.

By mid-July, we will send your residence hall selection, roommate information and Move-in Day instructions to your SHU e-mail address and the e-mail address you provided on your roommate survey. Once you receive your Pirate Adventure, or orientation, packet, you can use your account information to view your housing information online.  Simply sign in to PirateNet and look for the link to "Access Your Housing Profile" under the Profile and Finances tab.

Meal Plans

If you do live on campus, you must participate in a University meal plan. We offer a variety of options to suit your lifestyle, including varying numbers of meals, guest passes and Pirate Bucks (a debit-like card you can use across campus). If you do not select a meal plan and plan to live on campus, Meal Plan 1 will be selected for you.  You will have until the end of Add/Drop each semester to change your meal plan.  Pirate Bucks rollover from Fall to Spring semesters but do not carry over through the summer and into the Fall.

Billing for Housing and Meal Plans

Students who have a housing assignment and meal plan must be registered as full-time students (12 or more credits unless graduating that semester.) Shortly after you are registered for classes, your housing and meal plan charges for the upcoming semester will be applied to your student account.  All bills are due upon receipt as noted on your e-bill.

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