Seton Hall University

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I apply for housing and pay my deposit?
You can apply for housing by visiting your eRezLife profile and selecting "Apply for Housing." Deposits can be made here. Incoming student application are open until May 1st. Returning student applications open April 28th.

Q. What is the deadline to apply for housing?
For Returning Students, the deadline to apply for housing and to pay the housing deposit is May 14, 2021. For Incoming Students, the deadline to apply for housing and to pay the housing deposit is May 1, 2021.

Q: Are singles available?
There are a limited number of singles available at Ora Manor and Turrell, our off-campus residence halls. These rooms may be selected by students during the Housing Selection process.

Q: What is Housing Selection?
Housing Selection is an online process that occurs in the spring semester in which current residents are able to select their room and roommates for the fall.

Q. As an incoming student can I request building location?
Incoming students are unable to select their building location. Incoming Students are randomly assigned housing in one of our First Year Residence Halls.

Q: I'm an incoming freshman and have applied and deposited. When do I find out my assignment and roommate(s)?
Assignments are made after the June New Student Orientation programs are completed. By mid-July you will receive information via your Seton Hall email address about your housing assignment & roommate(s). You will also receive important information about move in day.

Q: Once I apply and pay a housing deposit, am I guaranteed a housing assignment?
Housing is limited and not guaranteed. Once the housing application and deposit are submitted, the housing assignment process is determined under the following scenarios:

  • Returning students who are registered for the following semester, completed the housing application and paid the deposit by May 14, 2021 are eligible for the lottery.
  • A student's lottery group number which indicates selection time is randomly assigned to them.
  • Incoming freshmen or transfer students who have submitted their housing application and paid their deposit by May 1st will be eligible for housing.
  • Any student who applied for housing but was unable to obtain a bed space will be placed on our Pending Housing List.

Q: What is a Pending Housing List?
Due to a high demand and limited amount of residence hall vacancies, a pending housing list may be created. Students on the pending housing list have already gone through the required steps to apply for housing but have not yet received a housing assignment. Pending Housing list students are given housing assignments based on the availability of a bed space. When an assigned student cancels their housing assignment, a student from the pending housing list is placed in that vacancy.

Q: How do I cancel my housing assignment?
If you wish to cancel your housing assignment please complete the Housing Cancellation form, located in eRezLife.

Q: Am I able to get my housing deposit returned to me?
Deposits for incoming students are refundable until May 1st, deposits for returning students are non-refundable.

Q: I've moved in, but circumstances have changed and I don't want to live on campus any longer. Can I be released from my housing license obligations?
If you wish to cancel your housing assignment after you have already moved in, you must submit a Release of Housing License Request Form. Please remember that when you accept a housing assignment and move in, you are agreeing to a year-long (2 semester) agreement. Withdrawal from the residence halls before completion of the agreement does not guarantee a financial refund. Releases are only granted automatically for withdrawal in good standing from the university, transfer, graduation, or marriage.

Q: What amount do I get back if I cancel my housing after Add/Drop?
Add/Drop is the last day to get a full refund. After Add/Drop the percentage you receive back goes down each week. More information on housing refunds can be found on our refund website

Number of calendar days after the last day of add/drop Amount of Refund
Before the last day of add/drop 100%
Day 1-7 80%
Day 8-14 60%
Day 15-21 40%
Day 22-28 20%
After 29th day 0

Q: It is several weeks into the semester and I am looking for a housing assignment, is housing still available?
Housing may still be available. To inquire, please visit the Housing and Residence Life Office in 68 Duffy Hall or call (973) 761-9172. If housing is available and offered, you will be given a room assignment based on availability.

Q: How much does housing cost?
Housing prices vary by building and room type. To view the current housing rates for the current academic year, please visit the university's Bursar's page.

Q: Do you provide graduate student housing?
While undergraduate students are given housing priority over graduate students, housing is still an option for graduate students. Graduate students are usually assigned to Ora and Turrell Manor, our off-campus apartments.

Q: Do you offer family/spouse housing?
No, we do not offer family/spouse housing.

Q: Are meal plans mandatory?
All on campus residents are required to have a meal plan. For more about meal plans, click here. Students residing in Ora and Turrell Manor, the University's off campus apartments, are not required to have meal plans.

Q: I am a commuter. How do I purchase a meal plan?
Commuters can purchase a meal plan by contacting the Department of Housing and Residence Life. Housing and Residence Life Department can be contacted via phone: (973) 761-9172 or

Q: How can I change my meal plan?
Students can change their meal plan by contacting the department of Housing and Residence Life. The deadline for changing a meal plan is the last day of the drop/add period. The Housing and Residence Life Department can be contacted via phone: (973) 761-9172 or

Q: It is beyond add/drop: can I change my meal plan?
Students cannot change their meal plan after the add/drop period has passed, until the start of spring semester.

Q: What is included in my meal plan?
Your meal plan varies based on your selection. Typically, your meal plan is divided into meals and Pirate Bucks. Meals are used for the buffet area, while Pirate Bucks are used for other areas in dining place.

Q: What is the difference between Pirate Bucks and Pirate's Gold?
Pirate Bucks is a currency bucks to be used exclusively on campus dining establishments. Pirate Bucks are included in your meal plan. Pirate's Gold can be added to your ID card and used to purchase items including food on campus as well selected places off campus. Laundry services, the Bursar's office and bookstore accept Pirate's Gold.

Q: When do I have to move out?
Residence halls are closed during Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Spring Break, Easter Break and Summer Break. During Thanksgiving, Spring Break, Easter Break and Winter Break, the residence halls are closed but residents do not have to remove their belongings from their assignments. For Summer Break, residents must remove all of their belongings out of their housing assignments.

Q: I have a housing accommodation; how can I receive an accommodation?
If you are a student with disability and need to be accommodated for medical reason, after applying for housing, you must register with Disability Student Services (DSS). The DSS Office will then determine the room type or accommodation required for your disability and work with us to request it.

Q: I am a registered student with a housing accommodation but have applied late for housing. Am I guaranteed a room that fits my accommodations?
While you will be given priority, we do not guarantee that you will get a room to fit your accommodations. We will do everything in our power to grant your accommodation.

Q: How do I change my housing assignment?
Residents can change their room assignments during room change period, which takes places several weeks into the fall and spring semesters. During room change period, residents can apply to switch room assignments as long as it is an even swap or request to be reassigned to a room that has a vacancy.

Q: What is an "economy triple"?
An "economy triple" is a bedroom that accommodates up to three residents. An "economy triple" includes three beds (bunked), three desks, and three drawers. However, this room includes only two wardrobes. It is recommended that students who are assigned to an "economy triple" reach out to their roommates to discuss potential sharing options.

Q: How big are the rooms?
Rooms are approximately 12x14 square feet but vary.

Q: Is furniture provided by housing?
Each room includes: a bed, desk, and drawer per resident. Students who are assigned to a double or standard triple receive a wardrobe in addition to the previously stated items. Each bed mattress is size Twin XL.

Q: What services are included in the housing fee?
The housing fee includes: Furnished Room, Internet, Cable, Utilities, Central Air Conditioning, SHUFLY, Safe Ride and laundry.

Q: Are your residence halls safe?
Yes, our residence halls are safe. We provide 24/7 security on each of our on-campus Residence Halls. Residents are required to swipe their ID cards upon entry. Guest required to be signed in and leave their photo ID at front desk prior to entry. In addition, each of our Residence Halls comply with the latest fire safety standards. Click here to learn more information regarding the fire safety policy.

Q: Is Summer housing available?
Summer housing is available. To be eligible for summer housing, you must be a current Seton Hall student. While enrollment in Summer courses is not required, summer residents must be involved in a situation or circumstance that is affiliated with Seton Hall University.

Q: Does Seton Hall have any themed communities?
Seton Hall does offer several living learning communities. We currently offer a living learning community in a Xavier Hall and Cabrini. More information »