Seton Hall University
Students walking outside of Xavier Hall.

Upcoming Events

Move-In Day
August 26

Move-in day 2021 is here for our first year and transfer students!

New Student Welcome Weekend
August 27

New Student Welcome Weekend is a mandatory in-person event series for all incoming first-year and transfer students.

The Finest Bathroom
August 27

Students will all get handouts of schedules for bathroom organization and discuss how to keep and respect a bathroom that 3-4 people will all be sharing.

Blue Day
August 29

Let’s celebrate all things SHU and all things BLUE at Blue Day!

Campus Tour!
August 29

Join RA Shaina on a campus tour! Figure out where your classes are being held and find some cool spots to hang out, do work, and meet new people.

Vision Board
August 29

Come create your vision board for success!

Laundry 101
August 30

This event will focus on teaching students the fundamentals of laundry. It will get them acclimated to the machines at Seton Hall University and will help ensure the health and safety of our students.

Swipe Night
September 1

Join RA Shaina to make you own “get to know me” profile! After you make your own profile, it will be hung up in the lobby of Aquinas Hall with other residents’ profiles. Students can then look at your profile and create new friendships with you!

Cleaning Your Bathroom
September 1

Learn how to clean your bathroom for your chance to win a $10 Target gift card!

The Roommate Game
September 1

Get to know your roommate by answering fun and challenging questions!

Residence Hall Etiquette: A Kahoot!
September 2

The goal of this program is to educate or improve the skills needed to live in a residence hall alongside others who have little or no experience doing so. This will allow for a more enjoyable experience for residents!

Movie Night
September 2

An opportunity for Residents to have some fun by virtually watching new Movie released - The Suicide Squad.

Fall Semester Expectations
September 3

Let’s come together to think about goals we would like to set for ourselves. It will be a positive experience where we can reflect on our intentions for this semester!

This Semester, I want to...
September 7

Stop by in the Boland lobby to make your own semester message in a bottle! This will help outline your goals and help put what you want to happen this semester in order.

Right Now
September 7

This event will be an opportunity for students to learn more about how to stay in the present with strong a mentality, free of worries regarding the past and speculations about the future.

WTF? Where’s the Fire?
September 8

Join RA Jen in the Boland Cellar to play a Kahoot about the Seton Hall Fire Policy!

Find Your Crew!
September 9

Join us in learning the benefits of getting involved in a campus organization, such as Greek Life, SGA, or Crochet Club. This event offers students first-hand advice on what makes joining an organization so rewarding.

Keeping Your Bathroom and Suite Clean in X!
September 9

Learn and collaborate on ways to keep your bathroom, room, and suite clean in Xavier Hall while promoting communication and healthy relationships with room and suitemates.

Community Building Friday
September 10

Join us in Fahy 246 for coffee and pastries. Help build the Latino community across the university!

Boland Goes Green
September 10

Boland Hall RAs will teach gardening basics on the lawn.

Boland Goes Green
September 10

Join RAs Jen, Genevieve, Raheel, Will, and Jake on the Green to plant a succulent!

Fire Safety Trivia
September 11

There’s going to be a mass game of kahoot about Xavier’s fire safety policies.

Roommate Game Night
September 11

Join us in a friendly competition! At this event, each room of suitemates will come together and compete with each other to be crowned the “best roommates”.

StoryMaps in ArcGIS
September 16

This workshop covers ArcGIS and how you can use to boost your data narrative.

Debate Night
September 16

An opportunity to virtually debate multiple topics with fellow residents on meaningful matters! Top two(2) Residents that are able to articulate their stance most articulately (by public opinion) will receive Amazon Gift Cards!

Exercise Like A Pirate
September 17

This event offers students a tour of the state-of-the-art Richie Regan Athletic Center, as well as information on healthy choices to help get the most out of your experience at Seton Hall University!

Movie Night
September 17

Boland residents are invited to come to watch Shutter Island and meet their fellow students.

Movie Night
September 17

Everyone is invited to watch Shutter Island and meet new friends!

Introduction to STATA
September 21

This workshop will serve as an introduction to STATA. STATA is a powerful tool for data analysis, data management, and data visualization.

Munchkins and Motivation
September 21

Stop by to learn about the importance of motivation in leadership while enjoying Dunkin’ Munchkins!

September 22

This virtual workshop will cover GGplot, an open-source data visualization package for the programming language R.

Getting to (re)Know SHU!
September 23

Learn about life at Seton Hall, Xavier Hall, and South Orange after the pandemic with RA Scott! Meet others and find new things to explore around town and on-campus!

Pirate Party Games
September 24

Round up your friends for some online party games.All Boland residents welcome

Time Management and Working on Campus
September 29

This will be an interactive program where I will talk about how to manage your time on campus with campus jobs, and with school and homework as the semester progresses.

Murder Mystery Party!
September 30

Come participate in a fun movie night revolving around murder mysteries!

Cook Book Hacks
October 2

Tired of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches? Join us to learn cooking hacks!

StoryMaps in ArcGIS
October 5

This virtual workshop will cover an introduction to ArcGIS, the latest software addition at Seton Hall University Libraries.

Getting Creative in the Caf
October 5

This program will dive deep into what options our cafeteria has to offer and specifically what healthy options students can indulge into everyday that will help them feel more active and motivated.

Sustainability on Campus
October 5

Come join us for virtual movie night! We’ll be watching The Lorax and learning about ways to make positive choices to take care of our environment!

Gift of Fall
October 12

Gifting facts and snacks about different cultures to friends.

Movies for the Mind: A Deeper Meaning
October 12

This movie helps exemplify and put the racial injustices that our country sees today into a more understandable, yet different point of view. This will give perspective on how these problems affect corporate employers.

Research Data Management
October 21

This virtual workshop will cover research data management techniques and strategies to ensure you have a proper plan for your research needs.