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Seton Hall University
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Break Housing Information

The residence halls will close for Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring, and Easter Breaks each year. For the HRL Calendar, click here. Students who live more than 5 hours away from home, have university-affiliated employment, are in active-season athletic competition, or are international students qualify to apply for break housing. 

Break Housing is available in Boland and Xavier Halls as well as Turrell Manor and Ora Manor. Students can apply for break housing through each respective break housing application on their Housing Profile on PirateNet. These applications open approximately two weeks before each break and close at the deadline stated in the break housing email. Students must complete the break housing application for each break for which they desire to stay and will receive approval from a representative of Housing Operations via email notification.  

Break Housing is a privilege but not a guarantee. If a student does not reside in one of the open halls, it is their responsibility to find a friend who lives in the open halls who would trust them with the key to the room for the duration of the break. Students staying in their friends’ rooms must be of the same gender, and are held responsible for any damage or theft that occurs during their stay. It is also their responsibility to exchange keys prior to the residence halls closing. 

Please note there will be no SHUFly shuttle after the residence halls close and dining options will be limited. SafeRide, however, has limited availability and can be arranged by calling SHU Public Safety at (973) 761-9300. There are no overnight guests or residence hall visitors during break housing periods. 

Residence Hall Closings for Breaks 

Residence Halls will close for all breaks at 10 a.m. of the first day of break. HRL Staff will conduct walk-throughs of the residence halls to ensure they have safely been closed.

Prior to leaving for break, residents are required to:

  • Unplug all electrical cords from sockets (refrigerators may be plugged directly into the wall socket for all breaks except Winter).
  • Throw away any open food; store non-perishables in a sealed container.
  • Clean all dishes and make sure room is cleaned; Empty all garbage cans & sweep.
  • Thoroughly clean bathroom.
  • 1st & 2nd floors – pull shades down. Close windows.
  • 3rd & 4th floors – leave shades up. Close windows.
  • Turn out all lights.
  • Lock your doors.
  • Lower heat in room.
  • Take fish home or provide vacation feeder. 

Be sure to bring home all medication, any homework/books, or other necessities as access will not be granted to locked residence halls.

Residence Hall Closing/Check-Out Information

All residence halls close 10:00am on Wednesday, May 15, 2019.

  • GRADUATING SENIORS, ACTIVE IN-SEASON ATHLETES, AND STUDENTS WORKING COMMENCEMENT AND FOR THE UNIVERSITY may remain in their rooms until 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, May 21, 2019. Must complete late stay application which will be available April 22, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. until May 1, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. on your housing profile.
  • SUMMER RESIDENTS may remain in their spring assignments until summer move over on Sunday, May 19, 2019.
  • ALL OTHER STUDENTS are expected to vacate their rooms 24 hours after their last final and no later than 10:00 a.m. Wednesday, May 15, 2019. Any student who has not fully vacated their room and is not authorized to be in the halls beyond the closing deadline will be fined for delaying the final closing of the building.

Checking Out
You may vacate your room at any time before the halls close. To check-out, place your key in the check-out envelope (provided), sign and date the form, and return it to the drop box (blue box) located in the lobby of your residence hall. If you have lost your key, please check the box provided on the envelope and return it to the drop box.


Student Damage Billing
Following closing, a final inspection will be conducted by a Professional Residence Life staff member and a member of Facilities. Room damages that do not constitute "normal wear and tear" and that were not previously recorded on your room condition report (RCR), before moving in, will be billed to you and your roommates. Common area damages that occurred where no responsible party was identified will be billed to all residents in the community. Any charges will be applied to your Seton Hall account in early June and you will receive a notification and explanation of charges via your Seton Hall email. Please note that only one appeal for these charges will be accepted.

Student Check-Out Checklist (Keep this list for your information.)

  • REMOVE posters, hooks, tape, and adhesive stickers from doors, woodwork, walls, ceilings, windows, and furniture.
  • EMPTY all closets, wardrobes, desks, and dresser drawers, removing all personal property and unwanted items. Residence Life is not responsible for any personal items left in rooms.
  • TAKE ALL TRASH TO THE DUMPSTER/TRASH ROOM. You will be billed for any trash left in the room or hallways. All bulk trash must be taken to dumpsters and trash rooms.
  • DONATE; Any items in good condition (unopened nonperishable food, clothing, storage containers, etc.) can be brought to the front lobby of your Residence Hall to be donated rather than thrown away.
  • REPLACE all room furnishings, making sure they are reassembled, in good condition and returned to original placements.
  • CLOSE and LOCK all windows and doors.
  • CLEAN bathrooms, kitchen ranges and refrigerator (The Manors Residents Only: Do NOT unplug refrigerators.)
  • SWEEP/VACUUM floors/carpets in your room, suite, or apartment.
  • RETURN KEY to the BLUE drop box at the front lobby of your residence hall, in person using the attached envelope.
  • RAISE SHADES if you are the last person out of the room on floors above ground and first.
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