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1st 40 Days: Wellness Challenge

The Wellness Challenge is a Residence Life spring programming initiative that encourages students to develop wellness in their daily lives through mind, heart, and spirit.

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About the Wellness Challenge

Housing and Residence Life recognizes that the spring semester is the perfect time for students to focus more on their own health and wellness as they reach mid academic year. We want to work with our students to help them understand that academic success is holistic.

During each day of the 1st 40 days of the spring semester, Residence Life staff host various programs tied into all forms of wellness including:

  • Academic wellness is about balancing time, classes, study habits, majors, etc.
  • Cultural wellness is about the -isms, heritage, activism, equity, human rights, etc.
  • Environmental wellness is about sustainability, the ecosystem, human impact, etc.
  • Mental wellness is about stress, anxiety, self care, grit, awareness, etc.
  • Professional wellness is about internships, career paths, networking, balance, etc.
  • Community wellness is about environments, involvement, roommates, etc.
  • Emotional wellness is about transitions, coping, reactions, positive outlets, etc.
  • Financial is about money management, balance, support, etc.
  • Physical wellness is about eating habits, fitness, self-image, etc.
  • Relationship wellness is about significant others, families, healthy connections, etc.
  • Spiritual wellness is about religion, meditation, self-values, philosophy, etc.

Students can learn more about these programs through email and this webpage. We will continue to update this webpage with more information related to wellness.