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B.A. History Curriculum

In addition to meeting the standards and requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences, history degree candidates must complete a minimum of 36 credits in history to be distributed as follows:

  1. Six credits of introductory courses from among the following:
  • HIST 1101-1102 World History I-II
  • HIST 1201-1202 Western Civilization I-II
  • HIST 1301-1302 United States History I-II
  • HIST 1401-1402 Latin American History I-II
  • HIST 1501-1502 History of Africa I-II
  • HIST 1551-1552 Middle East History I-II
  • HIST 1601-1602 History of Traditional / Modern Asia

Note: Students may elect to take courses as a two-semester sequence to fulfill College of Arts and Sciences core requirements, but a sequence is not required for the history major.

  1. Twenty-one credits distributed as follows (all at the 2000 level or above):

  • 3 credits in Advanced European history 
  • 3 credits in Advanced United States history 
  • 3 credits in Advanced African, Asian, Latin American, or Middle East history 
  • 3 credits in Pre-1750 History (see list below) 
  • 9 credits in additional history electives 

Note: Secondary Education majors (SCED) in addition to their two introductory courses, are permitted to take World History I-II (HIST 1101-1102) to fulfill the Asian, African, Latin American, or Middle East requirement and an additional 3 credits of advanced history electives.

  1. The following nine credits of required courses:
  • HIST 2180 Introduction to Historical Research
  • History Colloquium (Course numbers will vary depending on the topic)
  • HIST 5199 Senior Seminar

Note: HIST 5711 Honors Research is pursued in addition to the 36-credit major.

Courses that count toward the pre-1750 distribution requirement include:  

  • HIST 2170 Women in Antiquity
  • HIST 3341 Colonial America
  • HIST 3183 Historians of Greece and Rome
  • HIST 3320 Greek Civilization
  • HIST 3221 Roman Civilization
  • HIST 3229 The Early Middle Ages
  • HIST 3230 The High Middle Ages
  • HIST 3231 The Vikings
  • HIST 3233 Dante and His World
  • HIST 3234 Medieval Italy
  • HIST 3240 Renaissance and Reformation
  • HIST 3246 Kievan Rus' and Muscovy
  • HIST 3254 Early Modern Ireland
  • HIST 3420 Religion and Society in Early Latin America
  • HIST 3520 The Ottoman Empire
  • HIST 3621 History of Traditional China
  • HIST 3622 History of Traditional Japan