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A History professor looking over a text with a student.


Students are required to meet with their advisers at least once each semester to plan their program in light of their abilities and special interests, and to evaluate progress toward completion of the history degree requirements.

In the History Department, every major and minor is assigned an advisor based on last name.  If you have any questions about degree requirements or course selection, please make an appointment to see your advisor or visit during posted office hours. 

Advisors for AY 2019-2020

  • A-C: Dr. Sean Harvey (Fahy 334) 
  • D-F: Dr. Mark Molesky (Fahy 345) 
  • G-K: Dr. Maxim Matusevich (Fahy 344) 
  • L-Q: Dr. Kirsten Schultz (Fahy 346) 
  • R-Z: Dr. Vanessa May (Fahy 335)
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