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Language Development, 3rd Edition Published  

Dean Brian B. Shulman standingDean Brian B. Shulman and Professor Nina Capone Singleton (Department of Speech-Language Pathology) in the School of Health and Medical Sciences (SHMS) at Seton Hall have published Language Development: Foundations, Processes, and Clinical Applications, Third Edition (Jones & Bartlett Learning 2020).

A primary text for college students worldwide studying speech-language pathology, the Third Edition combines essential knowledge of language development with research evidence as it relates to clinical practice.

With chapters contributed by experts in the field, including Deborah R. Welling, SHMS assistant dean for Dual Degree Programs and Anthony Koutsoftas (Department of Speech-Language Pathology), the Third Edition "provides the student with specific clinical applications using skill-based information related to language assessment and intervention. Featuring a chapter dedicated solely to the comprehension of language, this edition also examines language development from unique perspectives, such as bilingual home environments, international adoption, the child with cochlear implants and other sensory devices, and the child with multiple disabilities."

Like its often-cited predecessor editions, the new edition traces the history and foundations of language development and brings the student through the theoretical, scientific and clinical-based understanding of speech and language development. Case studies and new clinical application exercises allow students to follow the progress of children with normal language development as well as those showing atypical development.

This latest edition of the popular text also includes new chapters on "Mapping Language onto the Brain," "Speech and Language Development of Children Who Were Adopted Internationally," and "Listening, Language, and Literacy for Children with Sensory Devices: From Hearing Aids to Cochlear Implants."

The latest edition of Language Development: Foundations, Processes, and Clinical Applications includes updated DSM-V definitions and access to Navigate 2, which includes videos highlighting key features of language development presented throughout the text.

Nina Capone Singleton 320 pic "Communication, through verbal and/or nonverbal modalities, represents a significant aspect of child development," said Dean and Professor of Speech-Language Pathology Brian Shulman. "This book provides a comprehensive overview of language acquisition under various circumstances – including a number of atypical development scenarios and impairments. Students receive the foundation necessary to pursue careers that will enable them to help develop the power of communication in those they serve." He continued, "Publishing this Third Edition with Professor Capone Singleton allows us again to set the stage for a whole new generation of speech-language pathologists to take the knowledge contained in these pages and apply it to the children whose lives they will influence through evidence-based language assessment and intervention."

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