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Dean Brian Shulman with School of Health and Medical Sciences students. The School of Health and Medical Sciences (SHMS) currently has twenty-two international opportunities for academic and clinical experience available to first and second- year graduate students. SHMS now has affiliation agreements with Universities located in fourteen countries spread across the world. Each of these international locations have a unique program that will give students the opportunity to pursue credits toward their degree in a completely different environment.

On April 9, 2019 over fifty students gathered in the IHS Campus Winter Garden to learn more about these exciting opportunities at SHMS' first international information session. Information collected through a survey of event attendees showed that many students were highly interested in studying abroad, found the information session to be very helpful and informative, and they look forward to applying.

Traveling abroad to complete clinical experience allows students to realize a greater understanding of global health systems, increase cultural competence, and develop an understanding of health concerns different than those in the United States.

Health and Medical Science students in front of building. "Taking advantage of these international partnerships allows students to step out of their comfort zone and set themselves apart. The unique experiences our students encounter show how culture can influence healthcare and allows them to see firsthand a global approach to healthcare delivery," states Dean Brian Shulman.

Not only do SHMS' graduate students travel abroad for these diverse and unique experiences, SHMS also welcomes students from around the world into its courses. This year alone, the School had 8 outgoing students study in Belgium, Philippines and Denmark; and accepted 12 incoming students from Belgium, Philippines, Denmark, Italy and Sweden.

Speech-Language Pathology student, Courtney Malone, who visited Belgium during the Spring semester, says that, "Studying abroad is an eye-opening experience and being able to participate in a clinical exchange program has provided me the opportunity to immerse myself in a different culture where I have gained perspective on their healthcare system and learned and developed clinical skills and knowledge I will take with me in my future practice."

SLP student hooked up to wires during an exercise.Nicole Louca, another Speech-Language Pathology student who visited Belgium, says that "studying abroad is worth the experience. Not only do you have the opportunity to explore a different country, but you also get to learn how your specific program/field is run another place." If you are a School of Health and Medical Sciences student interested in participating in an international clinical experience, reach out to your Program's Department Chair and/or Director of Clinical Education for more information. Applications for international travel must be submitted to Seton Hall Office of International Programs 90 days prior to travel and must be registered for the appropriate course before beginning the fieldwork experience.

Visit our international partnerships page to learn more about SHMS' available international clinical experiences. Also check out the student's travel blog here.

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