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Health Professions Advising Program

About the Program

The goal of the Health Professions Advising Program at Seton Hall University is to assist students in developing the necessary credentials to gain entrance into post-baccalaureate programs in the health professionals such as medicine, dentistry, and optometry.

To fit these pre-requisites into the student's major and overall academic schedule, the pre-health professions student must seek advising each semester for pre-registration of courses from the faculty adviser dedicated to each program.

Phone: (973) 761-9053
McNulty Hall 220

Faculty and Staff

  • Roberta Moldow, Ph.D., director and chair of the Health Professions Advisery Committee, advises students as to their academic preparation (link sheets) as well as other necessary components such as shadowing, volunteering and research experiences. Interested students are encouraged to contact  Dr. Moldow at

How We Help Students

  • Advise on Academic Requirements, including model biology and chemistry programs for students tracking the health professions
  • Four-year action plan to get into medical, dental or veterinary school
  • Alpha Epsilon Delta, the pre-health professions honor society, provides opportunities to do volunteering, brings in speakers to explain the future and how to get there