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University Events Updates and Frequently Asked Questions

As our understanding of COVID-19 evolves, Seton Hall works to update our plans and policies appropriately. The following frequently asked questions will be updated as new information becomes available.

Updates and Messages


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any information available with regards to in-person graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2020?

We are actively seeking guidance on those guidelines as they might apply to college commencement, and especially on advice on physical distancing. As you may be aware, we polled our students last month to get a sense from them on preferred months for a commencement ceremony, based upon the disease projection data available at that time. In short, we do not have a commencement date set, but the topic is a regular one at executive cabinet meetings, as we synthesize state and federal guidelines and regulations.

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Will there be a parent weekend this year?

Seton Hall Weekend is currently scheduled for October 23 – 25. We are closely monitoring the state guidelines as they apply to events and will adjust plans accordingly with safety measures in place. We will provide an update later this summer.

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How will club meetings be in the fall?  Can we still get involved if we are studying remotely?
Student organizations and activities will be similar to classes and will be offered in a hy-flex model.  Students will be able to be involved in person and online, making it be possible for everyone to be present.

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Will in-person activities be available?  

Social gatherings and in-person event capacity will be limited based on State guidelines (no more than 25 people or 25 percent room occupancy) for student engagement activities including community service and spiritual offerings. Gatherings, masked, in outdoor spaces will be encouraged and preferred for student programming and events.  

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How do I learn about activities that will be available?  

Although physically distant, we are creating ways for you to remain socially connected and engaged through innovative digital, virtual, and limited in-person programming. Masks will be required in all public spaces on campus. Follow our Event Calendar or @hallstudents for more information. We will continue to recognize and celebrate the many Seton Hall campus traditions for our community throughout the semester. 

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What are some examples of activities that will be available for students?  
We are planning on having activities that can accommodate all students' comfort levels.  We will be hosting several virtual activities from 8/16- 8/28 including but not limited to virtual game nights, a virtual escape room, streaming speakers, hosting large-scale ice breaker activities along with campus traditions such as New Student Convocation and Blue Day on August 23rd.  Many of our virtual events will also have in-person components for those that are on-campus.  It remains important to our team to create opportunities for students to connect and interact with one another during those first few weeks at Seton Hall.  We also have in-person activities currently planned, a majority of which are outdoors to adhere to CDC/State of New Jersey guidance as it pertains to physical distancing.  Some examples of the in-person activities include: walking tours of South Orange campus tours, art stations, movie nights on the University Green and streaming virtual events (concerts, speakers, magicians).   

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Will all other (non-classroom) aspects of campus life continue in accordance with the original Restart Plan?   

Yes, non-classroom aspects of campus life will continue in accordance with the original Restart Plan. Student Life activities and clubs will be permitted but will be guided by Governor Murphy’s current limitations on indoor gatherings of no more than 25 people or 25 percent room occupancy. Masks will be required in all public spaces on campus.

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Questions and Feedback

Seton Hall University continues to closely monitor and respond to the impact COVID-19. The health and safety of our students, faculty, employees and their families is of paramount importance in our planning to safely restart classes across our three campuses. If you have any questions, please submit them here:
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