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Student Cases, Vaccination Clinics, Indoor Mask Requirement  

We continue to monitor State of New Jersey guidance on booster shots for those already fully vaccinated. Almost 70,000 residents have already received a third jab.

Governor Murphy noted that, despite a number of “breakthrough” cases in the State, vaccines have proven to be greatly effective at preventing infection or limiting the effects of the virus.

Several reports indicate a significant increase in at-home testing, supplemented by federal government encouragement and funding.

You can learn more about testing availability at How To Get Tested For COVID-19 In New Jersey.

State-wide, COVID-19 statistics continue to show mixed signals. Cases continue to rise, as do vaccination levels. The transmission rate has leveled off the past few days around 1 after a steady decline from 1.5. You can read more at Track COVID-19 in New Jersey: Maps, graphics, regular updates.

Student Cases on South Orange Campus

We continue to monitor case levels across all campuses. Most students testing positive are vaccinated but mildly symptomatic – an indication of vaccine effectiveness. Health Services is conducting testing and contact tracing, giving students isolation and quarantine instructions, and providing them health and wellness advice and resources. As previously reported, Health Services engages in a comprehensive contact tracing process, in coordination with local health officials.

We share a reminder of the various health and safety protocols in place across our campuses. We remain prepared to adjust any of our health and safety measures to adapt to the changing public and campus health environment.

Students: Health Services is here for you. You may request to be tested for COVID-19 at Health Services as frequently as once per week.

We appreciate your understanding and flexibility as we continue to adapt our processes and protocols to the ever-changing path of the virus.

Upcoming COVID and Flu Vaccination Clinic

With the arrival of cold and flu season, the University is providing FREE COVID and flu vaccinations. The clinics will take place on September 28 and October 19 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Richie Regan Field House.

Bring your ID, insurance card, and vaccination card, if applicable. Please be sure to schedule an appointment before arriving, as shots will be administered by appointment only, no walk-ins. There is no cost to you with most insurance.

Free Masks Available at Campus Locations

We are providing free masks at various locations on the South Orange campus:

  • Walsh Library (circulation desk- 2nd floor)
  • Schwartz Hall (2nd floor – student welcome desk)
  • Bethany Hall (1st floor- student welcome desk)
  • Mooney Hall (Center for Academic Success- student desk)

We will continue to notify you as we add locations at all campuses.

Indoor Mask Requirement

All individuals (vaccinated and unvaccinated) are required to wear a mask at all indoor, nonresidential, on-campus University settings, except when alone or dining.

Response Rate to Confidential Vaccine Declaration at 99% Across Entire University

  • 99.6% of full-time faculty have declared their vaccination status.
  • 98.5% of staff and administrators have declared their vaccination status.
  • 100% of incoming students have declared their vaccination status.
  • 99.5% of current students have declared their vaccination status.
  • 96.7% of adjunct faculty who have fall 2021 semester assignments have declared their vaccination status.

We are individually contacting the few remaining individuals who have not responded to the Declaration.

University Vaccination Levels Exceed Revised State of New Jersey Goal Levels

Through the Confidential Vaccine Declaration (CVD), current Seton Hall data are indicating that fall 2021 vaccination rates are near 90% for students (95% of those are fully vaccinated), 93.1% for staff and administrators (97% of those are fully vaccinated), 97% for faculty (99.6% of those are fully vaccinated), and 95% for adjunct faculty (98% of those are fully vaccinated). These percentages are well above the NJ and national rates.

There are numerous benefits to getting vaccinated.

Your health and safety remain paramount in Seton Hall’s planning and actions. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact the HICT here.


Matthew Borowick
Vice President of University Relations
Co-chair, Health Intervention and Communication Team

Monica N. Burnette, Ph.D.
Interim Vice President, Division of Student Services
Co-chair, Health Intervention and Communication Team

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For more information, please contact:

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  • (973) 761-9000