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Statistics Improve, Vaccination Rollout, Testing and the Seton Hall Pledge  

Classes are now underway across all three campuses, and we wish you a safe, healthy, and successful Spring 2021 semester. Your health and safety remain paramount in Seton Hall's planning and actions.

Public Health Statistics Improve

New Jersey's public health statistics continued to trend in a positive direction. Hospitalizations and total cases dropped, although the number of confirmed deaths remained in triple digits. State officials have noted that the primary data point they monitor is patient counts at the state's hospitals.

The transmission rate dropped again, to .91, indicating a slow in spread. However, there are concerns about the impact of at least one newly identified and more transmissible strain that has appeared in the state.

Vaccination Rollout Continues

The state's vaccination efforts continue, although there are supply and distribution issues. The federal government announced an increase in upcoming vaccine availability; the state reported it is prepared to administer the additional doses.

Over 640,000 residents have been vaccinated with at least one dose. We eagerly await news from New Jersey-based Johnson & Johnson about its one dose test results and, hopefully, application for emergency use authorization.

We strongly encourage you to get vaccinated when you are eligible. In addition to the state's vaccination web site, you can find valuable vaccination information through each of the state's county web sites. The county and state information is not fully coordinated. You can also consult the Essex County COVID site. Please carefully check the guidelines; you may be eligible earlier than you realize.

Testing and the Seton Hall Pledge

As part of a comprehensive testing plan and protocol, Health Services and Seton Hall test various students every week. We may adjust testing protocols in response to changing health statistics or government guidance, as outlined in the Restart Plan.

Most importantly, please adhere to the Seton Hall Pledge, a commitment to our shared responsibility to sustain the health and well-being of ourselves, others, and our community each day. Please watch the video about the Pledge; then, take and follow the Pledge.


Shawna Cooper-Gibson, Ed.D.
Vice President of Student Services

Matthew Borowick '89/MBA '94
Vice President of University Relations

Co-chairs, Health Intervention and Communication Team

Categories: Campus Life , Health and Medicine

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