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New Vaccine Eligibility and Travel Guidelines, State Resources  

In addition to previously-announced vaccination eligibility across a wide range of categories, Governor Murphy announced that everyone 16 or older is eligible starting April 19. You can make your appointment now. We encourage you to get vaccinated - for yourselves and all those around you.

Governor Murphy announced new travel and quarantine guidelines. It's another reason to get vaccinated. We will update the University's corresponding guidelines accordingly.

Each year the University provides a flu vaccine clinic. Some of you have asked whether we plan to do the same for COVID. Please know that we have reached out to government and corporate partners to express our interest in providing you a COVID vaccine clinic. While the current level of available vaccines means that is not yet possible, we will do all we can to provide this service when circumstances permit. In the meantime, we encourage you to consult the vaccination scheduling information below to make your appointment.

We continue to prepare return to campus and fall 2021 plans and will communicate those as they are developed.

Better days are ahead. But they are not here yet. Please continue to do your part. Do not let your guard down. Do not fall victim to pandemic fatigue. Follow the Seton Hall Pledge.

Vaccination Information

We encourage you to get vaccinated - for yourselves and all those around you. The State released information about a new vaccine appointment finder. The Vaccine Call Center (855-568-0545) is available to register individuals in the NJ Vaccine Scheduling System, answer questions about the vaccine, provide contact information for sites, check registration status, and update registration information.

Here is a list of the vaccination sites throughout the state, and the Find COVID-19 Vaccines Near You site provides nationwide information.

Essex County has received high marks for its vaccination process. You can learn more at the Essex County COVID site.

The State Department of Health provides a full array of vaccine and vaccination-related information, some of it in multiple languages. Please check it out and share it with those you know who have concerns about being vaccinated. The CDC provides information about the Safety of COVID-19 Vaccines.

Keeping Ourselves and Each Other Healthy

Remember to use #CampusClear every day, whether coming to campus or not.

Your health and safety remain paramount in Seton Hall's planning and actions. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please contact the HICT here.


Shawna Cooper-Gibson, Ed.D.
Vice President of Student Services

Matthew Borowick
Vice President of University Relations

Co-chairs, Health Intervention and Communication Team

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