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Seton Hall University

Message from Dr. Joseph E. Nyre, March 19

Dear Members of the University Community,

Setonians, I speak with you today, not to provide an update of the logistics and the steps we have taken, or will soon be taking, to keep the community healthy. Instead, I speak to you today to simply say thank you.

We all chose Seton Hall because of its ability to change destinations and transform lives, and I'm seeing it every day. I share my sincere gratitude to the dedicated people of Seton Hall who continue to tirelessly monitor the evolving public health crisis, to advance supports and services, and to map plans for the future. You are indeed servant leadership in action, as you collectively work toward the greater good of our students, one another, Seton Hall, and the community.

Thank you to our faculty. You have, on very short notice, adjusted your teaching schedules, plans and teaching methods, all to continue to provide our students with an enriched, educational experience.

Thank you to our priest community. Your continued messages remind us that prayer and kindness are hallmarks of our caring Seton Hall community.

Thank you to our staff and administrators who are working around the clock to diligently and purposefully anticipate and address the challenges we face.

And most importantly, thank you to our students and your families. As your university president, and as a parent of a college-age student, I understand how disruptive this is for you, and for all of us. Yet you are forging ahead as many of you have shared with me in conversations, and I'm impressed and encouraged by the spirit you share to persevere during these uncertain times. None of us anticipated this would be our 2019-2020 academic year, but we will persevere.

To everyone, thank you for your flexibility, your perseverance, and your patience. We've set forward together in planning and action in recognizing that the conditions are rapidly evolving, and multi-phase plans must therefore also evolve and change. We know this episode in our nation's and university's history will take more twists and turns in the days ahead; that's for sure. But our Seton Hall spirit, our dedication to addressing these challenges, and our caring community of faith will see us through. Together we will continue to move ahead.

Hazard Zet Forward, and God bless you all.


Joseph E. Nyre, Ph.D.

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