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Seton Hall University

Law School Action Plan

Prepare for remote attendance in classes beginning Monday, March 16, 2020.

These decisions have been made in consideration of the ABA rules regarding distance education and the NY Bar rules regarding exceptions to limits on distance education. Please see The ABA’s Guidance on Disasters and Emergencies and the New York Bar’s announcement in response to the spread of the coronavirus.

Day and Evening Week Day Classes offered at the law school will transition to on-line instruction. Students will attend and participate in classes through Blackboard Collaborate at the regularly scheduled day and time. The attendance policy will still apply. If you are not logged into Blackboard and active in your course at the regularly scheduled day and time you will be marked absent. Remote learning will continue through the end of the semester.

Please refer to emails from Mike McBride for information on using BlackBoard Collaborate. For questions on BlackBoard please contact Mike McBride at

Weekend classes will transition to a totally online format beginning Saturday, March 21st, 2020. Based on conversations with the NY Court of Appeals the Law School is confident that programmatic exceptions will be made to the New York Bar eligibility rules as we address our response to COVID-19.

To participate in your classes remotely students will utilize Blackboard Collaborate, a tool already available within each of your courses. You are expected to participate in all synchronous classes by entering the Blackboard Collaborate room at the regularly scheduled time and day of each courses. Please carefully read through Michael McBride’s email instructions on using Blackboard Collaborate. There may be different instructions and/or tools used for skills or experiential courses that require a different type of workflow. You will receive those from your professor if applicable.

Attendance in each of the remote class sessions is mandatory and will be treated as if you were to attend a live class. Missing a remote session for any reason (excused or unexcused) is an absence. Notice should be given if you are ill or unable to attend a remote class session.

Weekend students with specific questions should contact Lili Young at

Fully-online courses beginning March 15, 2020 will begin when scheduled and continue as planned.

Off-Campus Placements - Students in externships for which they are receiving credit should follow their placement site’s guidance. For questions contact

Clinics - The Center for Social Justice remains open and students enrolled in a clinic this semester should follow the guidance sent out by Professor Borgen. Clinic specific questions should be directed to

Events - All non-academic law school events that are scheduled for this remote learning period will be rescheduled or canceled depending on feasibility. If you have a question about an event please contact EB Anastasio at

The law school will be closed to all except necessary employees. Administrative offices will operate virtually during regular business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Technology | Chaplain's Office | Alumni | Student Services | Enrollment Services | Financial Aid | Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion | Center for Social Justice | Career Services | Admissions | Library


What technology can I use to work remotely?

Faculty and Students are able to continue their research and education by becoming familiar with the technology tools that make it possible to participate even when you can't get to the Law School. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra allows class attendance, participation in group discussions, and collaboration all within their pre-existing courses. Find out more about this tool in this helpful tech guide for remoting into class, this helpful video for faculty, or this helpful video for students!

How can I access and set up Blackboard if I'm not already using it?

All courses are automatically assigned a Blackboard course site, accessible to all students registered to the class. Faculty may use Blackboard to collaborate with students through live classes and content sharing. Faculty may use Blackboard to give quizzes, collect assignments, provide feedback, hold classes and share files. Access Blackboard from your dashboard!

I've never used Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, are there instructions online?

Explore these video tutorials and documents intended for new users:

If many Faculty and Students are using the same tools at the same time, will we have issues with internet bandwidth and speed?

In order to avoid bandwidth and connectivity issues, the Rodino Center recommends that all students keep their microphones muted and cameras off unless called on or otherwise requested by a Faculty member. Collaborate Ultra requires relatively low internet speed in order to operate, however in larger classes of exponential numbers of people, the experience may degrade. In order to guarantee a consistent experience for all, we recommend Google Chrome’s browser during a Collaborate Ultra Session. More information can be found here.

How do I keep my technology clean and disinfected?
The CDC recommends disinfecting technology with the use of routine 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes. Apple also recommends as an alternative to such wipes, the use of microfiber cloth gently wiped across the screen of the device. CDC information may be found here, and Apple information may be found here.

Who can I contact if I have technological issues?

Service Desk IT Support

Advanced Support

  • Carmelo Lubrano: (973) 985-3166
  • Mike McBride: (201) 615-1472
  • Brendan Borthwick: (570) 909-7970

Chaplain's Office

Will Mass continue to be celebrated in the St. Thomas More Chapel and is the chapel open for prayer?

Following the guidelines set by Cardinal Joseph Tobin, Archbishop of Newark, Mass will not be celebrated in the St. Thomas More Chapel until further notice. Additionally, because of Governor Phil Murphy's "essential personnel only" order, and since the chapel is located within the law school building, there can be no access to the chapel by any who are not otherwise allowed access to the law school building.


Are scheduled alumni events taking place as planned?

The Alumni Office has cancelled or postponed all events taking place through the end of the semester. If you have registered for an event that is now being rescheduled you will be receiving an email notification. If you have any other event related questions, please contact Lori Thimmel at or (973) 642-8711.

Student Services

What is happening with student organization events?

All student organization events during the period of remote classes have been cancelled. If they can be rescheduled, we will work to do so. Students with questions on this should email EB Anastasio (

What is happening with the Student Bar Association Elections?The Student Bar Association Election Committee is working to conduct all elections electronically. Members of the Election Committee will be in touch with all candidates as to how this process will unfold.

Who can I contact if I need assistance with a housing, medical, academic issue or some other matter in the event of a quarantine?

Student Services questions should be directed to Lili Young at or by phone (862) 373-6949.

What is happening with Commencement?

The May 2020 Commencement ceremony and related events were postponed by the University on March 18,2020. Please check the Law School's Commencement webpage for details on a future date.

What should I do if I am a monthly parker with the LAZ Parking Garage?

Contact LAZ parking at (973) 621-7466 to temporarily suspend your monthly parking.

Enrollment Services

When is Fall Registration?

Registration for fall courses will take place on Wednesday, April 1st, starting with rising 4L Weekend Students.

How do I view my bill / pay my account online?

If you choose to pay online, you can by logging into Lawnet via the SHU Law website, clicking on the "My info" tab, and selecting view and pay my account within the "my bursar"section. This will direct you to touch net, where you can pay by electronic check (no charge) or by credit/ debit card (2.85% manufacturer’s fee). If you need assistance on how to make a payment online, please feel free to ask. I have also included PowerPoint showing step by step instructions. Any questions about billing, payment plans, late fees, holds or 1098-Ts can be directed to

How can I get an official Transcript, Form Letter, or Letter of Good Standing?

All the forms that students may need can be found here. They can be sent electronically via email to for processing. We can email unofficial transcripts but can only mail official transcripts.

Where can I send my School Certificate for the BAR?

Please send those forms to for processing. If you are graduating in May 2020, the forms will not be processed until after graduation.

How do the current instructional changes affect the grading scheme for Spring 2020?

Detailed information about spring semester grades is available here.

Do the current instructional changes affect the cadence of future course offerings?

Minimally, courses affected are listed here.

How are exams being altered by remote education?

Please refer to Mike McBride's email on the "Revised Exam Schedule" regarding an update to exam procedures and scheduling. The revised exam schedule may be found here.

Financial Aid

I do not have room in my budget for an increase. What happens if I ran out of money and need extra money for living expenses?

Please, fill out a Request for a Budget Increase form and provide your supporting documents.

I want to increase my loan for this spring semester, what do I need to do?

Please, fill out a Loan Adjustment Form. If you do not have a graduate PLUS loan, please Apply for the Graduate Plus Loan.

I have been admitted and I have not received an award letter. What steps do I need to complete to receive aid?

Complete the 2020-21 FAFSA
Complete a Direct Unsubsidized Loan MPN
Complete Student Loan Entrance Counseling

I have an emergency that requires me to get immediate funding. Who can I contact?

Please contact Dean Sokol at or (973) 642-8738.

Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Are events sponsored by the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion canceled during the period of remote learning?

Yes, the March 18th Community Conversation and the April 2nd Diversity Banquet are canceled.

Asst. Dean Edwards is available at if you have questions, need assistance or would simply like to touch base during the period of remote learning.

Center for Social Justice

Is the Center for Social Justice open?

Yes, the Center is open, although employees are working remotely. If you need to reach someone in the Center or have any questions about clinic work, please call the CSJ main number, (973) 642-8700. This number will be answered during regular business hours, M-F, 9-5. You can also email inquiries to Lori Borgen, CSJ Associate Director, at, or send mail to the following address: Seton Hall University School of Law, 833 McCarter Highway, Newark, NJ, 07102.

Are CSJ attorneys and students still going to courts, jails, and detention centers?

CSJ attorneys are closely monitoring all notices and policies posted by courts, detention centers, and jails regarding court appearances, and will follow all safety protocols while continuing to represent our clients and their interests.

How will I know when operations are back to normal?

We will post any changes to CSJ operations and hours to this website as soon as they are known.

I am seeking assistance. Can I go to the CSJ office?

Please call (973) 642-8700 if you are seeking assistance. The CSJ office is not open for visitors. Most client meetings will be held by phone, so you should check with your individual attorney before coming to the Law School. Guests and visitors to Seton Hall Law School, including clients of the Center for Social Justice, must follow the University policy regarding a visit to the Law School. Before entering the building, an individual must complete a form to indicate if they have traveled recently to a Level 3 country (see the CDC website for the latest list), have Coronavirus symptoms, or may have been exposed to someone who does. If someone answers "yes" to any of these questions, they will not be permitted to enter the Law School. At some point, the Law School might further limit visitors to the building, so please call for clarification BEFORE you go to the Law School.

I am a client of the CSJ and you have original documents that I need. When can I come get them?

Please call (973) 642-8700 to discuss your request with a staff member. If the document is not needed immediately, we can arrange a time to pick it up once normal operations resume. Should you need an original document urgently, we will work with you to send the document via FedEx or another secure carrier at no cost to you, or arrange a time for you to pick up the document at the Law School security desk, if it is possible to do so.

Is the Center for Social Justice taking new cases?

At this time, the Center for Social Justice is taking very few new cases. If you are seeking legal information or advice, please call (973) 642-8700 and we will let you know if we are able to assist you. If you have a foreclosure-related question, please submit your inquiry online at

I am a clinic student. Is my clinic still representing our clients?

Yes. During a situation such as the current COVID-19 outbreak, our clients are particularly vulnerable and our professional responsibility to provide zealous representation to them continues. We appreciate our students’ commitment to the work of the Center for Social Justice. However, if you are a student and you are ill, or fall into one of the categories where a voluntary quarantine is requested, you should not participate in clinic work unless feel well enough to do it. Please speak to your clinic professor in such a situation. In addition, if you would prefer not to continue with some of your scheduled clinic work due to concerns related to the current COVID-19 outbreak, please advise your professor. Alternative assignments are available to help you satisfy your clinic hours while doing meaningful social justice work. Your clinic grade will not be impacted should you decide to undertake alternative assignments.

I am a clinic student. I have a previously scheduled appointment with a client. Should I go to the CSJ for the appointment?

Where possible, we are shifting appointments from in-person meetings to phone conferences. Please consult with your supervising attorney to determine whether the in-person meeting should go forward or if you should reschedule to a remote meeting. Remember, CSJ clients may have planned in advance to travel to the Law School or they may have taken time off work, so please alert your clients well in advance of any changes to upcoming meetings to ensure they do not show up to a meeting that has been rescheduled.

I am a clinic student. Am I still required to do my office hours at the CSJ?

You are no longer required to be at CSJ for office hours, though you still must do the same amount of clinical work. Keep track of the time you spend on clinic work and input those hours on Clio.

Career Services

How will remote learning impact my daily interactions with the staff in the Office of Career Services (OCS)?

OCS staff are available – as always – by email and phone.

OCI will also proceed as scheduled; however, depending on the employer, the site of a particular interview may change. See OCI Section below for further details.

How do I meet with my counselor?

We recommend that students continue to email their counselor directly to schedule a meeting. Students are encouraged to meet with their counselor over the phone, by Facetime, or using Zoom Meetings during the remote learning period.

If you do not know who your counselor is, please email Andrea Holley ( and she will reach out to your counselor and have her contact you.

Will Symplicity continue to be updated?

Yes, Symplicity will continue to be updated as per our usual process. We recommend that students continue to check the site on a regular basis.

Will mock interviews still be done and, if so, how and where?

We will continue to conduct mock interviews, but during the remote learning period we will likely conduct them via the phone, Facetime or a Zoom Meeting. Please email your counselor to set up a mock interview.

How do I get my resume/cover letter reviewed?

If you need your resume/cover letter reviewed, email a draft to your counselor (in Word) and she will provide edits/comments using Track Changes. The counselors are happy to then discuss the edits/comments over the phone, Facetime or through Zoom Meeting.

What is the best way to communicate with OCS?

The best way to communicate with OCS (especially to set up appointments) is via email or phone.

I've emailed my counselor, how long should I wait for a response?

As we enter a period of remote learning, we anticipate that the number of daily emails each counselor receives will increase. Therefore, we ask all students to be patient and give their counselor 48 hours to respond during the school week before sending a follow-up email. If you have an urgent matter, please include URGENT in the subject line of the email so that the counselor knows to address the email as soon as possible.

What do I do if I don't have employment (1L/2L - for Summer 2020; 3L – for post graduation) yet?

If you are still looking for employment, please email your counselor. We recommend that students continue to check Symplicity on a regular basis for new job postings, participate in each phase of OCI/RR, and review all email job postings from Maria Capra announcing job opportunities.

Where can I go to get a document notarized?

If you need a document notarized, check first with a local bank as many bank branches always have a notary public on hand and some will do it for free. Shipping stores, such as the UPS Store, as well as many libraries also offer notary services. It is best to call ahead to make sure a notary is available and to check to see if there is a fee.

Will there still be interviews conducted in the Career Services Suite for OCI?

Interviews will likely be conducted remotely. Employer preference will dictate how and where an interview is conducted. We will continue to keep you updated as to the locations of the interviews as the employers make our office aware.

Will the employers in the OCI program contact students directly?

The communication for OCI will continue as it has – primarily through OCS, but sometimes through the employer. If you are uncertain of how a particular employer is communicating regarding a specific position, please contact your career counselor and we can let you know how to proceed.

Will the Spring OCI Phases continue as planned?

Yes. We will continue to announce positions for all employers who are hiring as we have done for the first three phases. Please watch for emails from Maria Capra and continue to monitor Symplicity.

Does this change Fall OCI?

No. At this time, planning for Fall OCI is continuing as scheduled.

Who do I contact to cancel an interview?

If you need to cancel an interview more than 24 hours in advance contact Maria Capra and she will guide you as to what your next step would be. If you need to cancel an interview less than 24 hours in advance contact both the employer and Maria Capra.

How will this affect applying for summer judicial externships?

It will not. Continue to apply directly to Chambers working with your Career Counselor. We are continuing to work with the courts to coordinate submission of materials electronically.  Consult with your Career Counselor for further direction.

I'm a 2L, when should I be submitting my clerkship materials for the 2021-2022 State Judicial Clerkships?

We will be hosting two live webinars on April 7, 2020 to address these questions/concerns (students need only attend one). You will receive information on details as we get closer to the date.

Will there still be Research Assistant positions available through SHU Law?

Yes. Watch for postings on Symplicity.

Is a remote interview different from an in-person interview?

Although the manner of the interview is different, you should treat your preparation for the remote interview the same way that you would treat an in-person interview. Be aware of what the interviewer will see behind you-remove unprofessional and personal materials. For all remote interviews, find a quiet place where you can conduct the interview without interruption. If the remote interview is via video, please wear a suit. Give yourself plenty of time to dial in or connect to the meeting. Do not sit in a swivel chair. Do not lean into the camera too closely. Make sure that you send a thank you note after the interview in the same manner that you would after an in-person interview. OCS or the employer will inform you if your in-person interview is changed to a remote interview. Consult with Career Services if you have any questions.

How do I handle not shaking hands during interviews?

It is currently acceptable not to shake someone’s hand. You can simply say hello and politely state that you are following general Coronavirus safety protocols and refraining from shaking hands. The employer will understand.

How can I ask to have a remote interview in lieu of going to an employer's office?

It is perfectly acceptable to ask for a remote interview under these circumstances.  You should contact the employer using the method that they used to contact you. Contact your Career Counselor for help in crafting an email or for help with making the request.

Are Career Services events being canceled?

Yes at this time, all events are cancelled other than the April 7, 2020 webinar mentioned above.  Most events will be rescheduled and we will provide information by email as it becomes available.

How will this affect the PILF and Ackerman process?

Any applications that have already been submitted in hard copy will be considered. All additional applications should be submitted between March 18, 2020 and midnight April 6, 2020 via Symplicity. An updated email will be sent with the procedures for how to do so. No paper applications will be accepted. Please note the extended deadline for both applications.

Can I still apply for out-of-state externships?

Yes, but please consult with Professor Borgen if you are choosing to begin that process for Fall 2020.

Will I still get credit for my externship if I'm remote?

Please email Professor Borgen at in the Center for Social Justice for questions about externships, and refer to the externship guide for specific policies.

Should I still register for scheduled Career Fairs and meetings hosted by outside organizations (Patent Legal Career Fair, NAWL Conference)?

Yes, and follow all posted deadlines. Additionally, watch for announcements from those organizations as well as OCS regarding rescheduling or cancellations.


Is the Admissions office open?

Yes, the Admissions Team continues to be available to assist you in your application process. It is possible that personnel will not be available to answer your call immediately, but if you leave a message, a member of our team will contact you shortly thereafter.

Are tours and class visits still available?

Pursuant to government orders, we are not allowed to accept visitors to the building. Consequently, we are not able to offer in-person tours or class visits at this time. You may visit the building virtually.

When will tours, visits, and events return to normal schedule?

While it is impossible to predict when the situation will change, we will continue to monitor the situation and keep you posted with any updates and changes in policy.

Will you accept applications past the April 1st Priority Deadline?

Yes. We understand that this crisis might affect your ability to apply to the school on your planned schedule, and we want to ensure you that we will continue to accept and review applications well past our April 1st Priority Deadline.

What if I am having trouble making the payment for the April 1st Seat Deposit Deadline?

Please contact the Office of Admissions at or (973) 642-8747 if you have concerns about meeting the deposit deadline. We would be more than happy to work with you to accommodate your needs on an individualized basis.

Do you expect law school classes to begin in the Fall as planned?

Absolutely!  Seton Hall Law's educational innovations have allowed us to continue our instruction with limited disruption during this developing situation.  We are confident that the circumstances in August will be improved and, therefore, will not disrupt our plans.


How can I access textbooks and other research materials?

Most textbooks are available electronically through their publishers (more details). If you are not able to access your readings that way, email and specify your class, textbook, and pages needed. Many other ebooks and databases are available electronically as well.

Who do I contact for research assistance?

Librarians are available to help you remotely. Call (973) 642-8769 or email We also have online research guides on many topics to help you write papers or research many legal topics.

How can I access study aids and supplements?

You have access to many study aids and supplements on West Academic, including Nutshells, Gilberts, Short & Happy Guides, Sum and Substance audio, hornbooks, and more.

How do I access the lessons on CALI?

CALI offers more than 1,000 interactive lessons on a wide variety of law school classes and topics. If you haven't created your account yet, email to request the authorization code and use your SHU email address to create a login. (We can't share the code online, but we'll respond as quickly as we can! You only need the code for initial set up.)

What if I never set up my Westlaw/Lexis/Bloomberg Law/etc., account?

Email and we'll help! If you have trouble with an existing account, contact the vendor's customer service team directly.

Where can I access past exams for my class?

Many archived exams are available online. Be sure to also check with your professor for the best review materials available for your class and how to access them.

Who do I contact if I can't find the answer to my question here?

Email and we'll be in touch!



NJ State 24-Hour Public Hotline: 1-800-222-1222

Trained healthcare professionals are standing by to answer questions about coronavirus. The call is free.

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