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Incoming Students Updates and Frequently Asked Questions

As our understanding of COVID-19 evolves, Seton Hall works to update our plans and policies appropriately. The following frequently asked questions will be updated as new information becomes available.

Updates and Messages


Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my daughter find her ID #?

It is printed on the top right corner of the Acceptance letter. She can also reach out to her Admissions counselor or email for assistance.

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If New Student Orientation is online, how will students get engaged with their advisers and classmates?

Students will have the opportunity to meet their classmates through the University Life class. The first University Life class will be held remotely during Spring Orientation and continue through the semester. There will also be activities coordinated by the Peer Advisers and by our Student Engagement team in Student Services. There will be many opportunities for your student to connect with other students and administrators all semester long! Please encourage them to check their Seton Hall email daily.

The entire university community is excited to welcome everyone back to Seton Hall in the Spring semester and is planning to host a number of activities for our new and returning students beginning when they step foot on campus during new student move-in all the way through the first week of classes.

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How do students know what placement tests they have to take?

All students should look on their "Becoming a Pirate" channel on their Piratenet account. Their specific placement test information will be listed there.

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What is the biggest change freshman students experience when coming from high school?

The biggest change is being more independent. If a student is a commuter or a resident, they will have to be more proactive than they were in high school to ask questions, to seek information and to be more self-directed. Every professor will provide a syllabus which explains the required work for the semester. It will be up to the student to read the syllabus often to keep up with the work and due dates. Students will receive emails alerting them to upcoming deadlines about various responsibilities on campus. No one will follow up to be sure the student has read these things. "I didn't know about this" will not be an acceptable response if/when deadlines are missed. Students have to become more of an active learner and an active participant in their college experience.

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Is there an online portal for parents to access student's records with the student's permission?

No, there is not an online portal for parents. We encourage parents to access student's records through their student, empowering their student to take responsibility.

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Are parents notified if their child misses classes two days in a row?

Parents are not notified when a student misses class. Students are responsible for their own attendance in class.

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How can a student get academic help, if needed?

The best place to start is to speak with the professor of the class – every professor has office hours and is available to consult with students about difficulties they may be having. Additional help is also available through the Academic Resource Center for everything from skills building workshops to tutoring for individual subject areas and courses. There is also the Writing Center for assistance with written work. When a student isn't sure where to go for help, they should always speak with their Peer Advisor or Freshman Advisor.

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How do students get help with AP credits, Honors courses, choosing their classes?

All incoming students have been assigned a First-year adviser through the department of Freshman Studies. Your student will have met that adviser at New Student Orientation and/or through emails via your student's Seton Hall email account. All students should consult their adviser for any questions about their course selection, AP credits, placement testing, summer assignments, changing majors, etc. Students should reach out to their adviser directly or through

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If my student has not heard from his First -year adviser yet, what should he do?

The first thing is to ask your student to check again in his Seton Hall email for communication from the first-year adviser. If there is no information there, he should email and let us know he needs to be connected.

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Is it typical for STEM students not to take an English class first semester?

STEM students have a science heavy first semester. It is expected that these students have a math class (usually 4 credits), a Biology lecture and lab (4 credits) and a Chemistry lecture and lab (4 credits). English is usually taken in the spring semester. The other six credits will be Journey of Transformation, University Life and perhaps a liberal arts course required for the major.

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What is the summer reading this summer?

The summer reading this year is GRIT: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth. All students regardless of academic major must read this book by August 24. It will be covered in University Life as well as College English I. Learn more about the Summer Reading requirements.

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Do you encourage students to use the Writing Center in their first semester?

Yes, we enthusiastically encourage all students to utilize the Writing Center and all resources on campus. The Academic Resource Center, our university wide tutoring center, is also available for tutoring assistance. The university offers a Math Learning Lab for assistance in math courses, and Tutors in Residence for after hours and weekend tutoring.

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My child will be a freshman in the spring. How will we know how many and which of their classes will be in person vs. online if they lives on campus?

Instruction will take place remotely until New Jersey enters Stage 3. In-person courses will be limited to curricula that require labs, clinical rotations, and technical and hands-on instruction, as permitted by the state. More specifically, New Jersey will allow the College of Nursing, School of Health and Medical Sciences, and quite possibly our seminaries to resume in-person instruction. 

If your child is a freshman, they should reach out to their mentor in Freshmen Studies for a discussion on their class selections and options. After New Jersey enters State 3, we expect classes to run in a HyFlex model, which means that one day your child will be in class in person and the next day he will be attending the class remotely.

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How will I obtain my Campus ID?

New students will have their Campus ID mailed to their permanent address on file. If your ID is not received, please contact the Campus ID Office at or by phone at (973) 761-9771.

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When will I get my Welcome Kit?

When students first arrive on our campuses, they will receive a copy of the Seton Hall Pledge in welcome packages that include protective masks and hand sanitizer. Welcome Kits are being prepared and we will follow up soon with more information regarding distribution.

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Questions and Feedback

Seton Hall University continues to closely monitor and respond to the impact COVID-19. The health and safety of our students, faculty, employees and their families is of paramount importance in our planning to safely restart classes across our three campuses. If you have any questions, please submit them here:
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