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Housing and Residence Life Updates and Frequently Asked Questions

As our understanding of COVID-19 evolves, Seton Hall works to update our plans and policies appropriately. The following frequently asked questions will be updated as new information becomes available.

Updates and Messages

Triple Occupancy Rooms

Seton Hall University is opening its residence halls at a low-density occupancy based on the University’s strategic COVID-19 plan.

Ora Manor

The University has been engaging in multiple mitigation strategies to protect the health of our resident students and the entire campus community. In the event that a resident student does contract the COVID-19 virus, or is exposed to someone who contracts the virus, they will either have to return home for the period of isolation/quarantine or be relocated to the campus housing facility that the University has prepared for this purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an expected move-in date for Fall 2020?

Move-in will take place August 16-20. Students will be notified via email what their specific move-in date and time will be. We expect to be able to assign move-in dates by mid-July at the latest. Move-in days will occur in scheduled shifts to reduce the number of people on campus and inside a given building at any one time. Seton Hall will also limit the number of family members or friends who may accompany a student and assist with moving that student and their belongings into a residence hall. Any additional decisions made regarding move-in will be informed by New Jersey state guidance around physical distancing. Your student’s safety is most important in our decision making.

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If my son elects to return to the campus in August, how will the residence hall rooms be configurated, and how will the dining hall and gym be used?

Residence hall rooms will be set for double occupancy. Your student’s safety is most important in our decision making. In the meantime, work is underway to modify campus environments, including academic buildings, dining spaces and residence halls, to support physical distancing and uphold health protocols.

Residence hall rooms will reopen with reduced density and specialized cleaning procedures. The University will limit the use of common residential areas and abide by social distancing and related health and safety precautions. Appropriate signage will be placed in common areas about required distancing and other health and safety precautions.

Students, faculty, and staff will be required to wear masks to enter dining spaces, and while in all dining spaces when not eating or drinking. Dining employees will wear face masks and gloves while in dining facilities or providing food outside of the facilities for the purposes of outdoor dining and delivery. Exceptions will be made only for medical reasons. Additional employees will be hired to assist wiping down and sanitizing dining tables between use, and cleaning and disinfection supplies will be available in all dining locations for students to wipe down areas before and after use. Mobile Ordering will be required to reduce lines and improve the flow of traffic through dining spaces. The app will show wait times and will alert customers when their orders are ready for pick up. 

Additionally, everyone in the campus community must share the responsibility to engage in healthy behaviors, including distancing. We will orient our entire community to procedures and practices. More information will be available in the coming weeks.

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When will we receive information about housing assignments for undergraduates who request on-campus housing?

The safety of our students will be paramount in any decision that is made regarding housing in the residence halls. We expect to provide more information regarding the residence halls by the second week of July.

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Are all international students accepted for the fall semester? Will they stay on campus?

Housing is available to new students who have completed a housing application and a deposit by June 1. Any students applying at this time will be placed on a waiting list and cannot be guaranteed housing.  

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How often will the rooms be cleaned/disinfected?

The University will thoroughly clean and disinfect every bathroom and room prior to students’ arrival. After that, the community bathrooms will be cleaned twice per day, seven days per week, using disinfectant and protocols consistent with CDC recommended guidelines. Students living in suites are responsible for cleaning their bathrooms. All students are responsible for the cleaning of their individual rooms. The University will provide guidance to students about the cleaning of suite bathrooms and individual rooms.

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What will be the maximum number of students to a residence hall room or suite?

Two students per room will be the maximum, even if the room was designed for higher occupancy.

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Will students have to wear a mask everywhere on campus, including the residence halls?

The University will institute a mandatory mask policy requiring all faculty, students, and staff who return to campus to wear masks when in shared spaces indoors and when unable to maintain required minimum social distance both indoors and outdoors. Face masks are not required in private offices or student’s individual residential rooms. Seton Hall will provide faculty, staff, and students on all three campuses with a Back to Campus Package that includes two cloth face masks, hand sanitizer and The Seton Hall Pledge, a social contract for all members of the University community recognizing that they “will work to care for one another by minimizing the risk of exposing each other to COVID-19” and listing ways in which members will protect themselves and others. Seton Hall will also equip campus buildings with a supply of disposable masks for individuals who do not remember to bring their own. 

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Will students who choose the remote learning option be required to pay residence and dining fees? Will tuition be reduced?

Tuition for students who choose remote learning will not be reduced as they will still receive instruction from their professors and still have access to all student services. However, students who choose remote learning and do not live in the residence halls during the Fall 2020 semester will not be responsible for housing and dining fees. For more details about costs, please visit the Housing and Residence Life website.

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If a student begins the Fall 2020 semester on campus and then elects to switch to remote instruction, how will this affect their room and board fees for the school year?

A student may choose to do remote instruction at any point during the semester if they determine that is best for them. Students who elect to stay at home will need to cancel their housing and reapply for housing for the Spring 2021 semester. Housing assignments only roll over from fall to spring for students who keep an active housing assignment. A student who does not live on campus for the fall semester is not charged for room and board for that semester.

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Can resident students request a change to housing prior to August 24 if additional housing becomes available over the summer?

To make any changes to housing, please contact us at

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Will there be any changes in regard to how much we will pay for housing and dining, considering all the changes to the Fall 2020 semester?

Decisions regarding changes to room and board costs have not been made at this time. The University is working on all scenarios and will send out specifics as soon as we are able to. Please refer to tuition and fees, which can be found here.

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If a student is exposed to and/or tests positive for COVID-19, how will the University isolate that student if he/she is living on campus?

The University has identified a residence hall that will be used for isolation and quarantine spaces. A student who tests positive for COVID-19 will be asked to either return home or relocate to the quarantine space. The quarantine and isolation spaces have private bathrooms. A plan for remote learning and meal delivery has been developed to serve these students. 

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Is the school going to limit visitors, friends or family members on campus? Will overnight guests be allowed in the residence hall rooms?

The University will not permit non-University visitors into residence halls except for maintenance or emergency. All University visitors will be logged through the front desk sign-in system.

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When will students be returning to campus after the Thanksgiving break?

Spring 2021 dates have not yet been determined. That information is expected to be available shortly and will be posted on this site.

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Is travel going to be restricted (both by students and visitors) during this first semester due to COVID 19?

Travel guidelines for students and employees are still be developed in detail. We do anticipate that non-essential travel on behalf of the University by employees or students will not be permitted. Guidelines are being developed for expectations for visitors who come to campus. There will be restrictions for who may visit in the residence halls to help maintain appropriate physical distancing. Those details will shared in the coming weeks.

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How many students in the class of 2024 are from out of state?

Approximately 500 students are from states other than New Jersey.

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What is the process if a student has 504 accommodations to carry over to SHU. Who do they contact after filling out basic info on line which was provided?

Please visit our Disability Support Services website for detailed information about how a student may register for accommodations and services, advice for parents, an introduction to our staff, and more resources available.

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Questions and Feedback

Seton Hall University continues to closely monitor and respond to the impact COVID-19. The health and safety of our students, faculty, employees and their families is of paramount importance in our planning to safely restart classes across our three campuses. If you have any questions, please submit them here:
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