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Seton Hall University

Hand Sanitizer Locations

Sanitizer Locations Map
  1. Bethany Hall - Gallon at Counter
  2. The Complex - Near the circle coming from the parking lot
  3. Duffy Hall - Near the Cincinnati Gate
  4. University Center (3 units) - ATM, Main Lobby counter, and at the top of the handicap ramp
  5. Jubilee Hall - at the base of the stairs
  6. Parking Garage Pedestrian Exits - one at each exit.
  7. Roadway between Boland Hall and Jubilee Hall
  8. University Library - Rotunda main doors, 2nd floor counter and Dunkin Donuts
  9. Presidents Hall - on the counter
  10. Human Resources - on the counter in the lobby
  11. Health Services - on the counter in the lobby
  12. Turrell Manor - on the counter in the lobby
  13. Ring Building - at the back entrance that leads to the break room
  14. Public Relations and Marketing - on the counter in the lobby
  15. Lewis Hall - in the Vestibule and Reading Room
  16. Aquinas Hall/Ramp/Chapel Court - at the campus map sign
  17. Between Mooney Hall and Marshall Hall - at the campus map sign
  18. Chapel of Immaculate Conception - inside main doors

There are 24 units in total throughout the campus.

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