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Seton Hall University
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University Life

The course aims to provide students with academic and personal success; integrate computer technology into academic instruction; familiarize students with University resources and opportunities; improve reading, writing, and analytical skills and support the University mission of "forming students to be servant leaders in a global society."

  • The University Life course is taken in the Fall, in addition to the normal 5 course, 15-credit load.
  • University Life is taught by the Freshman Studies mentors with assistance from the peer advisors. Students meet once a week for 50 minutes throughout the semester to discuss various topics that affect first-year students.
  • Students are expected to participate in classroom discussion and activities; create an ePortfolio, attend ACE events, and complete 10 community service hours to ensure exposure to the resources that Seton Hall and this class has to offer.
  • Students will be given numerous opportunities to explore different clubs and organizations and perform community service through Core 1001, students are able to make the most out of their first year at Seton Hall University.

Fall Course Calendar



Assignments Due

Week 01
08/26/19– 08/30/19

Welcome, Introductions, Syllabus


Week 02
Labor Day 09/02 (University Closed)
09/03/19 – 09/09/19

Time Management

Welcome: Who Are You?
ePortfolio Assignment Due

Week 03
09/10/19 – 09/16/19

Summer Reading

* Bring Educated book to class.

Week 04
09/17/19 – 09/23/19


Library Scavenger Hunt
Completion Certificate Due

Week 05
09/24/19 – 09/30/19

BUZZ Program


Week 06
10/01/19 – 10/07/19

Mental Health

READ: The College Student's Guide to Stress Management
Summer Reading 

ePortfolio Assignment Due

Week 07
10/08/19 – 10/21/19
Fall Break from
10/14 - 10/15
No ULIFE from 10/14 - 10/18

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving


Week 08
10/22/19 – 10/28/19

Collegiate Communication, Professionalism, and 

READ: The Skills Employers Wish College Grads Had
READ: Tips for Students: Build Career Professionalism in College.

Week 9
10/29/19 – 11/04/19



Week 10
11/05/19 – 11/11/19

Registration and Catalogue

* Bring laptops to class.

Diversity ePortfolio Assignment Due

Week 11
11/12/19 – 11/18/19

Community Service

READ: Servant Leadership: How to Put Your People Before Yourself.

Who Are You At Seton Hall?: ACE Events
ePortfolio Assignment AND Community Service form due.

Week 12
11/19/19 – 11/25/19
Thanksgiving Break from 11/27 - 11/29
No ULife 11/26

Career Exploration


Week 13
12/02/19 – 12/06/19


*Bring Laptops to Class

Who have you become?: Community Service
ePortfolio Assignment due 

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