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Seton Hall University
Gen1 Program students standing in front of Jubilee Hall.

About the Program

Our "Gen 1" program is for our First Generation students who choose to improve their academic and social integration into the Seton Hall community prior to the start of their first semester. This year the program will take place from Sunday, August 9th through Sunday, August 16th. The "Gen 1" program will bring about 30 incoming first-generation students into the mainstream of a successful college career seven days before the start of their first semester to jumpstart their sense of belonging and to expose them to the multitude of resources that exist on campus.

First Generation students at a painting activity The primary goal of the program is to ensure that our first–generation students have a clear sense of belonging and an understanding of the skills they need to perform college level work. We will also provide programming to the parents of our students to guide them throughout their student's first year.

Our Gen 1 program has ten clear objectives:

  1.  To provide students with the opportunity to learn the specific language of college and understand the rules and traditions and to familiarize themselves with the campus footprint so they feel comfortable when classes begin on August 26
  2. To introduce parents to the challenges that their students will face in their first semester of college and to enlist them in the journey with their students
  3. To introduce students to the concepts of mindfulness, grit and resilience, three characteristics crucial to a first-generation student's success
  4. To provide workshops to raise awareness of the common pitfalls to success, including such topics as time management, study skills and networking
  5. To acquaint the students to university resources, including Freshman Studies, Information Technology, the Career Center, the Academic Resource Center, the University Library, the Writing Center, the Math Lab and Counseling and Psychological Services
  6. To demonstrate how accessible and approachable Seton Hall faculty members can be and help the students understand that working directly with our faculty will be a bridge to success
  7. To provide math and writing workshops so students can prepare for the level of academic expectation in those classes before the start of the semester
  8. To open up for our students the nearby world of New York City through a field trip on mass transit and to provide them with an opportunity to engage with Seton Hall's mission of community service
  9. To introduce students to diverse leadership and self-advocacy strategies
  10. To begin the all-important process of team-building and provide a sense of belonging to students who worry that they won't fit in and might never belong

This program is being offered at no charge to students. It is free. Additionally, students may be eligible for a $200.00 textbook voucher to our Bookstore upon completion of the ten-day program.

For more information and to sign up, please contact Prof. Nicole Battaglia at or (973) 275-4809.

There are limited seats available in this program. Please contact us as soon as possible if you would like to participate in this exciting and innovative new program!

Members of the First Generation Program in NYC at School of Rock on Broadway.
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