Seton Hall University

Student Rights and Responsibilities

  • All financial aid is awarded subject to acceptance or readmission to the University.
  • The Financial Aid Office reserves the right to review and cancel an award at anytime because of changes in the student’s financial, academic and/or enrollment status.
  • Financial aid recipients are to notify the Financial Aid Office of any other scholarships extended to them from sources outside the University. An adjustment in the total Financial Aid Package will be made, if necessary.
  • Students awarded Federal Work Study are responsible for securing a job on campus. It is important to understand that the amount shown is the amount of money you are eligible to earn during the academic year as a result of work performed.
    • You must complete tax forms, etc with the student employment coordinator before you can begin working. Please visit University Center 222.
  • Students receiving most types of financial aid are expected to enroll full-time. Twelve credit hours or more per semester is considered full-time. If you drop below full-time during any part of the academic year, an adjustment to your financial aid may be necessary.
  • Financial need and the amount of assistance offered will be re-evaluated each year and appropriate increases or decreases will be made as needed. For the purpose of this re-evaluation, the filing of the FAFSA is required every year. Priority filing date of the FAFSA is March 1st for institutional funding, and June 1st for state programs.

Effective Date

January 23, 2009