Seton Hall University

University Teaching Fellows Program

Background and Goals

In August 1995, the Academic Council endorsed the establishment of the Seton Hall University Teaching Fellows Program. The prototype was a program started a generation prior, in 1974, by the Lilly Endowment. The Seton Hall program ran from 1996 through 2003, and we are pleased to announce that it has been reinstituted by the Center for Faculty Development. The purpose of the program is threefold: to promote excellence in teaching and learning; to provide support for faculty in the tenure, promotion, and renewal process; and to cultivate faculty to assume leadership positions within the university community.

Applicants must be untenured or early career, non-tenure-track Assistant Professors, Lecturers, or Instructors, and they must have the endorsement of their department chair and dean.


  1. Fellows will cultivate a lifelong concern for and commitment to teaching and student learning.
  2. Fellows will become a "critical mass" of scholars who will influence the University at-large to promote excellence in teaching and learning and act as innovators to ensure continuous improvement in the quality of teaching and student learning over time.
  3. Fellows will become informed about national issues in higher education and will connect those issues both to their own work in teaching and learning and to the mission of Seton Hall University.


Participants will be expected to:

  1. Attend a bi-weekly seminar, which includes assigned readings on topics that include the scholarship of teaching, student-centered teaching and learning, and how to balance the various aspects of faculty life.
  2. Develop an individual curricular or pedagogical project that contributes to student learning. Fellows will work both individually and collaboratively to identify and develop their project during the program year and implement it in at least one of their courses during the subsequent academic year.
  3. Participate in a group presentations at the end of the academic year about their curricular project and the UTF program.
  4. Submit a two- to three- page summary of their project and the impact of the UTF program on their teaching and student learning.


Fellows will receive a stipend for their participation in the UTF program.

Selection Process

Up to eight Fellows will be appointed for each academic year. Fellows will be selected on the basis of:

  • Evidence of a commitment to and innovations in teaching and learning
  • Clarity about what they would like to learn about the teaching and learning process during the Fellowship year
  • Evidence of potential to contribute substantively to the work of the Fellows, based on experience and expertise.

Applications will be reviewed and recommendations will be made by the Director of the University Teaching Fellows, Dr. Judith Stark, and the Director of the Center for Faculty Development, Dr. Mary Balkun.

For additional information and the application form, contact Judith Stark