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Peer Teaching Observation Program (PTOP)  

Teaching FellowsStarting this semester, the Center for Faculty Development is offering the Peer Teaching Observation Program for faculty members at any level and in any position who would like confidential, formative feedback about their teaching. The program gives instructors the opportunity to gather suggestions and ideas to improve their teaching in a way that is informal and low stakes, and the instructor may use the assessment in any way s/he sees fit. This is intended to complement the official classroom observations done by departments.

A list of faculty who have expressed an interest in doing observations is available; this was generated based on recommendations from department chairs and/or colleagues. Additions to that list are welcome.

If you are interested in participating, either as an observee or an observer, contact Dr. Elizabeth McCrea.

Categories: Education

For more information, please contact:

  • Mary Balkun
  • (973) 275-2916
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