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Seton Hall University
Turro Seminary Library

Grants and Awards

Faculty Emeritus/Emerita Policy

In recognition of distinguished and meritorious service rendered to Seton Hall University, the provost may confer on a retired faculty member the following designations:

  • professor emeritus/emerita
  • associate professor emeritus/emerita
  • senior faculty associate emeritus/emerita
  • faculty associate emeritus/emerita

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McQuaid Medal for Distinguished Service

This award is given to a member of the faculty, administration, or staff that has given exceptional service to the University. Past recipients include, Nancy Enright, Ph.D, Associate professor of English and Catholic Studies, Paula A. Faranzese, J.D, Peter W. Rodino Professor of Law, and Ruthie McClain, B.A. Bookkeeper. Please click here for more information.

To submit a nomination for the 2016 McQuaid Medals please see the criteria here, and then e-mail explaining how the candidate meets the criteria for the medal no later than February 5.

University Wide Faculty Researcher of the Year

University Wide Faculty Researcher of the Year Each Fall, the colleges are prompted to designate an outstanding faculty colleague as the college Researcher of the Year, and starting in 2009, at the instruction of current President A Gabriel Esteban when he was Provost, a panel is assembled to vote on a University-wide Researcher of the Year. Five faculty have earned this honor to date: Sulie Chang of Arts and Sciences (2009), Mahesh Bikkina of the School of Health and Medical Sciences (2011), Tina Chu of Arts and Sciences, and Kurt Rotthoff of Stillman School of Business (2013), Kelly Goedert of Arts and Sciences (2014), and Margarita Balmaceda of Diplomacy and International Relations (2015).

University Wide Faculty Teacher of the Year

This award includes both full-time and adjunct professors. Student nomination letters are an important part of the selection process for this recognition. Each college designates an outstanding faculty member, and an expert panel makes the difficult decision of one colleague to recognize as University-wide Faculty Teacher of the Year. Martin Edwards of Diplomacy and International Relations launched this honor as the 2015 awardee out of a strong field.

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