Seton Hall University
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New Work Requests

Maintenance and New Project Requests

Facilities Engineering provides three key services for the Seton Hall community, grounds maintenance, building maintenance and repairs, and the management of new capital projects and building renovations. All three services are a vital part of our role in keeping our facilities in excellent condition. To help serve the Seton Hall community, we have established two areas by which the Seton Hall community can be an active part of these services. Our Daily Work Order System is a means by which anyone on campus can report to the Facilities Engineering Department a request for a building repair or maintenance need. The Project Request and Approval Form is the approval process for all construction project requests from the various University Departments.

Daily Work Order System

For a building maintenance or repair item needed in your building, please contact the building manager assigned to your building and inform them of the request. The building manager will file a Daily Work Order with the Facilities Engineering Department and the maintenance technicians will complete the repair. In the event that the building manager is not available you may contact the Facilities Engineering Department directly at (973) 761-9454. 

For Residence Halls, maintenance or repair items are reported to the Resident Assistant or the main desk of the residence hall. Please check with your individual R.A. for your hall's proper procedures. Work Orders will be forwarded from University Housing to Facilities Engineering. 

New Capital Projects and Building Renovations (including equipment and furniture requests)

The Project Request and Approval Form  facilitates the approval process for all constructionand capital project requests from the various University Departments. Read more  » 

Request for Moving

To initiate the process, please fill out the form and fax to Facilities Engineering 

General Classroom Maintenance 

Please use our Daily Work Order System procedure to notify Facilities Engineering of missing or broken furniture within a general use classroom. Within each classroom a sign is posted containing the occupancy of the room as well as the Building Manager to contact for a work order. Facilities regularly checks classrooms to ensure rooms are setup as needed however we ask that the users of all rooms on campus and in particular classrooms return the room to its original state after use. Regarding AV equipment issues or instruction please contact the Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center.