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Seton Hall Esports Announces Return of Rocket League for 16-Week Season; Big East Conference Signs Agreement with EGF  

Rocket LeagueSeton Hall Esports announced this week’s return of Rocket League play, as the 2020 Big East Conference signed a three-year partnership agreement with the Electronic Gaming Federation (EGF). Varsity esports teams from the 11 Big East schools  are now able to bring their own elite teams together to compete in a year-long multigame season as official EGF Collegiate (EGFC) league members, concluding with the EGF Collegiate National Championships in April. 

With the graduation and departure of Pirates Rocket League founding member and member of the 2018 Big East ESL Rocket League Invitational Championship Team Jared “ItzJared’ Maldonado, this year’s roster features the three-person squad of Antonio “Tone” Riozzi, Connor “Breezy” Riley and Brandon “Vibez” Cordiano as starters. Substitutes are Matthew “greene” Greene and James “Jimbo” Hied.

The first match, scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 7 at 5:50 p.m. against DePaul, promises to be an exciting follow-up to last year’s Rocket League Championship between the two universities. The first six games were split evenly and Game 7 resulting in a  2-2 tie with only 11 seconds left in the match before DePaul broke through, scoring  with seconds on the clock and the Pirates taking second place in the EGF Big East Championship.

The Big East Rocket League combines a soccer-like rotation strategy with the physics of driving rocket-powered cars.

Matches are scheduled for Wednesdays and will stream on:

Seton Hall Esports competes in two titles this year, Rocket League and League of Legends.

In Game Two on Saturday, Oct. 3 against DePaul in the Collegiate League of Legends™ Fall Invitational, Seton Hall Pirates led in the best of three format, with DePaul winning Game 1 and Seton Hall Games 2 and 3. A conference-leading competitor, Seton Hall is now 2-0 and ranked #2 in the standings.

The Seton Hall Pirates showed their determination and perseverance, culminating in the teamfight (see video above) where Jungler Ryan “IvernedThis Rand” Kijevcanin landed a stellar follow up ultimate to Mid Lander Michael “Windy Day” Kao’s 3-man stun. The next match against St. John’s University is Tuesday, Oct. 6 at 7 p.m.

The game’s cumulative stats include:

  • Ian “Krop” Kropilak, the ADC, led in Kills, with his Kills, Death, Assists (KDA) at 19/11/24.
  • Ryan “IvernedThisRank” Kijevcanin played Jungle with 16/12/26 KDA
  • Michael “Windy Day” Kao, whose position is Mid, scored 13/5/23.
  • Justin “Fleuber Burbler” Lee played TOP and scored 6/12/38 KDA
  • Dennis “Miza” Ching is Support with KDA at 2/11/40

The Fall Invitational runs through mid-November. Nine of the Big East Conference’s 11 schools are competing in the Big East Qualifying Tournament hosted by Riot Games and produced by PlayVS, a double-elimination bracket, which started Tuesday and runs through Tuesday, Oct. 20.  All matches are best of three in the game title, League of Legends, developed by Riot Games.

The tournament culminates in a nationwide 32-school, single elimination bracket. Schools will earn spots in the Invitational through qualifying tournaments, one for each College League of Legends regional conference and participating partner conference. The winner of the Big East League of Legends tournament will automatically qualify for the regional rounds. A runner-up may be chosen to compete based on seeding comparison against other conference competitions. Results will not impact team or conference standing in the 2021 Season in any way and no prizes will be awarded and is free for all participants.

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