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Seton Hall University
The Seton Hall esports team practicing League of Legends in the new esports gaming lab.

Competitive Gaming

League of Legends

We are fielding two teams for League of Legends on our A team, or “SHU White”, made up of a range of players from Diamond II to Masters. The B team, or “SHU Blue”, ranges from Silver II to Gold I players. We have a coach and three substitutes for SHU White and one substitute for SHU Blue.

Rocket League

We are fielding one team with three players and one substitute. The team won the Big East Inaugural esports Invitational.

Future Teams

As we continue to grow we are looking to revive our Overwatch and Hearthstone teams and strengthen our current status with Tespa to become an official chapter and compete within that league.

Our Super Smash Brother’s scene on campus is vibrant with over 60 competitive players who play tournaments in-house on a weekly basis and band together to compete in local tournaments, they can be followed on their Twitch channel.

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