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Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

The Center for Entrepreneurial Studies was created in 2003 to raise student awareness of self-employment as a career option. The Center fosters the collaboration of faculty, students, alumni and entrepreneurs to engage in activities and projects that advance hands-on entrepreneurial learning at the Stillman School. The Center offers mentoring and advising to all Seton Hall students who are thinking of starting a business or have launched a business and need assistance to expand their venture.
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Academic Programs

Students learn about the overall entrepreneurial process and acquire the skills and tools they need to succeed from the launch of a new business to the successful growth of that business. Students are required to complete four 3-credit courses.

Latest News

SHU alum builds watch company from Pirate's Pitch victory

SHU alum builds watch company from Pirate’s Pitch victoryIn 2016, Christian Zeron was a senior at Seton Hall, a Catholic studies major and the winner of the annual Pirates Pitch competition. Two years later, he is the founder and owner of a thriving, up-and-coming business, Theo & Harris. Read more »

Breaking the Language Barrier

Ryan Skolnick, a junior in the Stillman School of Business.Ryan Skolnick speaks Mandarin Chinese. He knows Latin. He’s studied French and took Spanish back in kindergarten. So as a guy who loves learning new languages, Skolnick says he was shocked to uncover data on how few people who study a second language ever master it. Now he’s made it his mission to change that. Read more »

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