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Student Group Goes Hiking at the Watchung Reservation  

Selfie from HikeStudents in the ESL@SetonHall intensive English program enjoyed an afternoon hiking over the Easter weekend holiday. The group of students gathered at Watchung Reservation in Union County and trekked over one mile to visit the Deserted Village, a historic landmark. The abandoned buildings reflect the history of Feltville, a town built around a sawmill operation, and Glenside Park, a mountain summer resort. Close by, the group visited the Site of the Watchung Mill. The 3.5 story mill, which was the center of the Feltville sawmill operation, was later demolished in 1930.

Hike Group PhotoThe hiking group was organized by students on their own initiative as a way to explore the local New Jersey area off-campus while building a shared sense of community. Members of the student group brought their significant others. And, the program director Dr. Bryan Meadows was invited along to the group hike. While English was the primary language of conversation, multiple languages were present such as Chinese, Portuguese, and Arabic.

Due to COVID precautions, members of the group each wore masks throughout the outing and maintained social distancing. The weather was ideal for an afternoon hike with lots of sun with mild temperatures. The students took group photos together and discussed plans for the next outdoor get-together.

Students hiking in Watchung Reservation in NJThe academic-based ESL@SetonHall intensive English program prepares individuals for success in postsecondary undergraduate and graduate programs in the United States. During morning coursework, students study reading, writing, listening, and speaking using academic materials. During afternoon coursework, students select from a range of elective classes including TOEFL Preparation, ESL All Skills, English for Specific Purposes, and Pronunciation Skills.

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