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Book cover for Medieval Literature the basics by Angela Weisel.

Author: Angela Jane Weisl, Ph.D.
Title: Medieval Literature: The Basics
Publisher: Routledge, 2018
Summary: Medieval Literature: The Basics is an engaging introduction to this fascinating body of literature. The volume breaks down the variety of genres used in the corpus of medieval literature and makes these texts accessible to readers. It engages with the familiarities present in the narratives and connects these ideas with a contemporary, twenty-first century audience. More information »

Book cover for Everyday Words and the Character of Prose in Nineteenth-Century Britain, depicting people bustling around town on an ominous english street in the nineteenth century.

Author: Jonathan Farina Ph.D.
Title: Everyday Words and the Character of Prose in Nineteenth-Century Britain
Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 2017
Summary: Everyday Words is an original and innovative study of the stylistic tics of canonical novelists including Austen, Dickens, Trollope, Thackeray and Eliot. Jonathan Farina shows how ordinary locutions such as 'a decided turn', 'as if' and 'that sort of thing' condense nineteenth-century manners, tacit aesthetics and assumptions about what counts as knowledge. More information »

red cover with title in center

Author: Karen Gevirtz, Ph.D.
Title: Representing The Eighteenth Century in Film and Television 2000-2015
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017
Summary: This book analyzes early twenty-first century film and television’s fascination with representing the Anglo-American eighteenth century. Grounded in cultural studies, film studies, and adaptation theory, the book examines how these works represented the eighteenth century to assuage anxieties about values, systems, and institutions at the start of a new millennium. More information »

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Literature but Were Afraid to Ask Žižek book cover.

Author: Russell Sbriglia, Ph.D.,
Title: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Literature but Were Afraid to Ask Žižek
Publisher: Duke University Press, 2017
Summary: Challenging the widely-held assumption that Slavoj Žižek's work is far more germane to film and cultural studies than to literary studies, this volume demonstrates the importance of Žižek to literary criticism and theory. The contributors show how Žižek's practice of reading theory and literature through one another allows him to critique, complicate, and advance the understanding of Lacanian psychoanalysis and German Idealism, thereby urging a rethinking of historicity and universality. More information »

Book cover for Nancy Enright's Catholicism and Film showing a movie segment clapperboard in front of the Vatican.

Author: Nancy Enright Ph.D.
Title: Catholic Literature and Film Incarnational Love and Suffering
Publisher: Lexington Press of Rowman and Littlefield, Nov. 2016
Catholic Literature and Film: Incarnational Love and Suffering is meant to be considered as a work of literary criticism, not film adaptation studies. In it, the author explores six literary works dealing with Catholic themes and the film versions of these works. The discussion of the films is at the service of analyzing the texts. Underlying all the discussions is an incarnational, sacramental view of the texts, which links to my interpretation of the film versions of them. More information »

cover has a woman looking at a boat beside the title

Author: Mary Balkun, Ph.D. and Susan C. Imbaratto, Ph.D., Eds.
Title: Women’s Narratives of the Early Americas and the Formation of Empire
Publisher: Palgrave, 2016
Summary: The essays in this collection examine the connections between the forces of empire and women's lives in the early Americas, in particular the ways their narratives contributed to empire formation. Focusing on the female body as a site of contestation, the essays describe acts of bravery, subversion, and survival expressed in a variety of genres, including the saga, letter, diary, captivity narrative, travel narrative, verse, sentimental novel, and autobiography. More information »

Donovan Sherman's book cover for Second Death Theatricalities of the Soul in Shakespeare's Drama

Author: Donovan Sherman Ph.D.
Title: Second Death Theatricalities of the Soul in Shakespeare's Drama
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press, 2016
Summary: Second Death seeks to revitalise our understanding of the soul as a philosophically profound, theoretically radical, and ultimately—and counterintuitively—theatrically realized concept. The book contends that the work of Shakespeare, when closely read alongside early modern cultural and religious writings, helps us understand the soul's historical placement as a powerful paradox: it was essential to establishing humanity but resistant to clear representation. More information »

African Diasporic Women’s Narratives Politics of Resistance, Survival, and Citizenship by Simone Alexander book cover

Author: Simone A. James Alexander
Title: African Diasporic Women's Narratives: Politics of Resistance, Survival, and Citizenship
Publisher: University Press of Florida, 2016
Summary: A multifaceted contribution to studies of gender, race, sexuality, and disability issues, African Diasporic Women's Narratives engages a range of issues as it grapples with the complex interconnectedness of geography, citizenship, and nationalism. More information »

cover with man looking into the distance over title

Author: Martha C. Carpentier, Ph.D.
Title: Joycean Legacies
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015
Summary: These twelve essays analyze the complex pleasures and problems of engaging with James Joyce for subsequent writers, discussing Joyce's textual, stylistic, formal, generic, and biographical influence on an intriguing selection of Irish, British, American, and postcolonial writers from the 1940s to the twenty-first century. More information »

a picture of a woman sitting on a swing in a tan backdrop

Author: Martha C. Carpentier, Ph.D.
Title: On Susan Glaspell’s Trifles and "A Jury of Her Peers": Centennial Essays, Interviews and Adaptations 
Publisher: McFarland, 2015
Summary: On a wharf in Provincetown, Massachusetts, where Greenwich Village bohemians gathered in the summer of 1916, Susan Glaspell was inspired by a sensational murder trial to write Trifles, a play about two women who hide a Midwestern farm wife's motive for murdering her abusive husband. Following successful productions of the play, Glaspell became the "mother of American drama." Her short story version of Trifles, "A Jury of Her Peers," reached an unprecedented one million readers in 1917. More information »

Orange tan cover with picture within a picture in the center

Author: Jeffrey Gray, Ph.D.; Mary Balkun, Ph.D.; and James McCorkle, Ph.D.,  Eds.
Title: American Poets and Poetry: From the Colonial Era to the Present [2 volumes]
Publisher: Greenwood, 2015
Summary: American poetry springs up out of all walks of life; its poems are "maternal as well as paternal…stuff'd with the stuff that is coarse and stuff'd with the stuff that is fine," as Walt Whitman wrote, adding "Of every hue and caste am I, of every rank and religion." More information »

Book cover for Nancy Enright's book, Community: A Reader for Writers.

Editor: Nancy Enright, Ph.D.
Title: Community: A Reader for Writers
Publisher: Oxford, Dec. 2015
Summary: Nancy Enright's Community: A Reader for Writers explores the theme of writing as community through a variety of readings organized around the communities out of which they arose. The selections-spanning from familial and cultural to economic and artistic-all attest to the text's underlying message that writing, when seen as an act of community, becomes essentially a dialogue, linking the writer with others who have written in the past and will write in the future. More information »

mauve cover with an image of a women sitting in the center 

Author: Karen Gevirtz, Ph.D.
Title: Gender and Space in British Literature, 1660–1820
Publisher: Routledge, 2014
Summary: Between 1660 and 1820, Great Britain experienced significant structural transformations in class, politics, economy, print, and writing that produced new and varied spaces and with them, new and reconfigured concepts of gender. In mapping the relationship between gender and space in British literature of the period, this collection defines, charts, and explores new cartographies, both geographic and figurative. More information »

cover with a women sitting with a book next to the title

Author: Karen Gevirtz, Ph.D.
Title: Women, the Novel, and Natural Philosophy, 1660–1727
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan US, 2014
Summary: This book shows how early women novelists from Aphra Behn to Mary Davys drew on debates about the self generated by the 'scientific' revolution to establish the novel as a genre. Fascinated by the problematic idea of a unified self underpinning modes of thinking, female novelists innovated narrative structures to interrogate this idea. More information »

The book cover for the book The Empty House showing birds flying around a birdhouse.

Author: Nathan Oates, Ph.D.
Title: The Empty House
Publisher: Lost Horse Press, 2013
Summary: From the northern wilderness of Alaska to the mountains of Guatemala, from rural Ireland to war-torn Haiti and beyond, the characters in these award-winning stories travel with dreams of escape but find themselves ensnared by cultural misunderstandings, political strife, and the weight of family: a professor heads to Ireland with his wife and children, hoping to mend his broken marriage; a father and son find themselves caught up in a near civil war in Haiti; a young man travels to Guatemala, trying to understand what happened to his brother who disappeared there years before. These characters walk the fine line between safety and danger, good and evil, life and death, and on their way find their truest selves revealed. More information »

Feminist and Critical Perspectives of Caribbean Mothering by Simone Alexander book cover

Author: Simone A. James Alexander
Title: Feminist and Critical Perspectives on Caribbean Mothering
Publisher: Africa World Press, Inc., 2013
Summary: Mothering has been a recurring theme in the work of many women writers and Caribbean women writers are no exception. Furthering this dialogue, Feminist and Critical Perspectives on Caribbean Mothering not only accentuates the varied representations of mothering and motherhood but also challenges traditional interpretations of mothering. More information »

The African Shore by Rodrigo Rey Rosa book cover

Translator: Jeffrey Gray, Ph.D.
Title: The African Shore (The Margellos World Republic of Letters)
Publisher: Yale University Press, 2013
Summary: In the vein of the writings of Paul Bowles, Paul Theroux, and V. S. Naipaul, The African Shore marks a major new installment in the genre of dystopic travel fiction. Rodrigo Rey Rosa, prominent in today's Guatemalan literary world and an author of growing international reputation, presents a tale of alienation, misrecognition, and intrigue set in and around Tangier. More information »

Book cover for Mark Svenvold's Empire Burlesque.

Author: Mark Svenvold
Title: Empire Burlesque
Publisher: Ohio State University Press, 2007
Summary: Empire Burlesque begins with a romp through the Journals of Lewis and Clark and ends with cameo appearances by Ambrose Bierce, Marianne Moore, Ezra Pound (in drag), Andy Warhol, and even King Kong. Mark Svenvold was inspired to this approach, which he describes as that of a “clown lost in the Library of Babel,” by the letters of Jules Laforgue, who believed clowns had achieved true wisdom. With this collection the author shares Ezra Poundian-inflected poems that are funny, that are as serious as they come, and that realign the personal with the historical. More information »

The book cover for The American Counterfeit, written by Dr. mary Balkun which includes an eye peering out from underneath a table where money and an envelope is placed.

Author: Mary Balkun, Ph.D.
Title: The American Counterfeit: Authenticity and Identity in American Literature and Culture 
Publisher: U of Alabama P, 2006
Summary: Focusing on texts written between 1880 and 1930, Mary McAleer Balkun explores the concept of the "counterfeit," both in terms of material goods and invented identities, and the ways that the acquisition of objects came to define individuals in American culture and literature. Counterfeiting is, in one sense, about the creation of something that appears authentic—an invented self, a museum display, a forged work of art. But the counterfeit can also be a means by which the authentic is measured, thereby creating our conception of the true or real. More information »

black cover with white text

Author: Karen Gevirtz, Ph.D.
Title: Life After Death: Widows And The English Novel, Defoe To Austen
Publisher: University of Delaware Press, November 1, 2005
Summary: Life after Death shows how representations of the widow in the eighteenth-century novel express attitudes toward emerging capitalism and women's participation in it. Authors responded to the century's instability by using widows, who had the right to act economically and self-interestedly, to teach women that virtue meant foregoing the opportunities that the changing economy offered. Novelists thus helped to create expectations for women that linger today, and established the novel as a cultural arbiter. More information »

Many faces under a large 5

Author: Jeffrey Gray, Ph.D.; Mary Balkun, Ph.D.; and James McCorkle, Ph.D.,  Eds.
Title: The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Poets and Poetry [5 volumes]
Publisher: Greenwood, 2005
Summary: The most comprehensive reference on American poetry ever assembled, this encyclopedia includes more than 900 alphabetically arranged entries, contributed by approximately 350 scholars. Written for students and general readers, the set covers poetry from the colonial era to the present, devoting special attention to contemporary poets and their works. Multicultural in scope, the encyclopedia covers poets, genres, critics, poetic terms, and movements. Its entries range from Caribbean to Confessional Poetry, from Dada to Eco-poetics, from Gay and Lesbian Poetry to Literary Magazines, New Formalism, and more. More information »

Mastery's End: Travel and Postwar American Poetry by Jeffrey Gray book cover

Author: Jeffrey Gray, Ph.D.
Title: Mastery's End: Travel and Postwar American Poetry
Publisher: University of Georgia Press, 2005
Summary: Focusing on lyric poetry, Mastery's End looks at important, yet neglected, issues of subjectivity in post-World War II travel literature. Jeffrey Gray departs from related studies in two regards: nearly all recent scholarly books on the literature of travel have dealt with pre-twentieth-century periods, and all are concerned with narrative genres. Gray questions whether the postcolonial theoretical model of travel as mastery, hegemony, and exploitation still applies. More information »

The book cover for Big Weather depicting a tornado funnel.

Author: Mark Svenvold
Title: Big Weather: Chasing Tornadoes in the Heart of America
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company, 2005 
Summary: Big Weather is about tornado chasers and the culture of catastrophilia. More information »

Book cover for Mary Balkun's book titled Literature which features koalas climbing a tree.

Author: Mary Balkun, Ph.D.
Title: Literature: A Prentice Hall Pocket Reader 
Publisher: Longman, 2004/2006
Summary: Each essay in this literature pocket reader has withstood the test of time and teaching, making it the perfect companion for any writing course. More information »

red and black cover

Author: Angela Jane Weisl, Ph.D.
Title: The Persistence of Medievalism
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan US, 2003
Summary: The Persistence of Medievalism seeks to examine the ways medieval genre shapes contemporary public culture. Through an exploration of several contemporary cultural phenomena, this book reveals the narrative underpinnings of public discourse. The ways these particular forms of storytelling shape our assumptions are examined by Weisl through a series of examples that demonstrate the intrinsic ways medievalism persists in the modern world, thus perpetuating archaic ideas of gender, ideology, and doctrine. More information »

Elmer McCurdy book cover depicting a pistol.

Author: Mark Svenvold
Title: Elmer McCurdy: The Misadventures in Life and Afterlife of An American Outlaw
Publisher: Basic Books, 2003
Summary: This is the story of Elmer McCurdy, a failed plumber from Bangor, Maine, who drifted west to become a failed outlaw. He arrived in Oklahoma a few decades after the golden age of outlaws and attempted to resurrect the lost art of train robbing. In 1911, after a short spree of comically bungled robberies, a sheriff's posse caught up with him and shot him dead.In death, Elmer McCurdy accidentally found fame. More information »

blue cover with a knight's suit

Author: Angela Jane Weisl, Ph.D.
Title: Medievalisms: Making the Past in the Present
Publisher: Routledge, 2003
Summary: From King Arthur and Robin Hood, through to video games and jousting-themed restaurants, medieval culture continues to surround us and has retained a strong influence on literature and culture throughout the ages. More information »

Mother Imagery in the Novels of Afro-Caribbean Women Writers by Simone Alexander book cover

Author: Simone A. James Alexander
Title: Mother Imagery in the Novels of Afro-Caribbean Women
Publisher: University of Missouri, 2001
Summary: Focusing on specific texts by Jamaica Kincaid, Maryse Condé, and Paule Marshall, this fascinating study explores the intricate trichotomous relationship between the mother (biological or surrogate), the motherlands Africa and the Caribbean, and the mothercountry represented by England, France, and/or North America. The mother-daughter relationships in the works discussed address the complex, conflicting notions of motherhood that exist within this trichotomy. More information »
Book cover for Everyday Words and the Character of Prose in Nineteenth-Century Britain, depicting people bustling around town on an ominous english street in the nineteenth century.
Dr. Jonathan Farina
Title (Link to pub site there?) 
Cambridge 2017 
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