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English as a Second Language Orientation  

Greetings ESLP Students! As the semester is on its way, this is just to remind you of a few points about Seton Hall campus life, resources, and procedures.

Student ID Card

Once you have been enrolled in a course, you may obtain your student I.D. card by reporting to Card Access Services, 2nd floor, Duffy Hall, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. They will take your photograph and prepare the card while you wait. You will need verification of your enrollment, from the ESLP Office or Registrar in Bayley Hall.


As soon as you have been admitted to SHU, a finance account is generated for you. You are responsible for paying for the courses in which you enrolled at the beginning of the session or semester. Your course fee will be billed to you through the Business Office in Bayley Hall. You may go there any time and pay your balance by check, cash, or credit card.  You may also go there to request a statement, or ask for clarification. Make sure you pay early to avoid late fees!

Note: Once you have been enrolled, if you stop attending a course, this does not release you from your account balance. Any changes can be made only with the Registrar's permission.  Adding a course after the add-drop period is complicated, and prepayment is required.

ESLP Attendance Policy

Coming to class is very important! Please be aware of the ESLP attendance policy: "Students must attend classes and be on time. If they are absent for any reason for more than two meetings during the course (or more than four in a class of 28 meetings), they may be suspended from the course and program, and they will have to obtain permission from the ESL Administrator to be reinstated, in accordance with departmental policies."

Managing Your PIRATENET Account Online

You may also access your account on the internet, enter your username (short name) and password to log in. You may complete various transactions online, such as payment by credit card, viewing your schedule, updating your billing address, and e-mail.  See the ESLP Coordinator for your password.

Parking & Transportation

Please note that parking on campus is restricted to permit holders, and it is not free! You will need to purchase a parking decal for your car in Parking Services, Duffy Hall, 2nd floor. Beware: tickets are expensive at SHU!

If you need a ride, or if you can give a ride to anyone in your class, please feel free to let us know (your ESL coordinator or instructor) or ask your classmates.


If you are walking off campus, it is recommended to walk in a group. There have been incidents of students being bothered and mugged in South Orange, and we want to avoid trouble before it happens.  On-campus security is very good, but if an emergency arises on campus, you may use one of the 42 emergency telephones, including lighted call boxes, or call (973) 761-9300. Learn about Campus Security for your own!


As soon as you are registered for coursework, you will be issued a LAN computer account which enables you to access the university-wide computer system. Privileges include use of laboratories, tech workshops and training, memory space, and an e-mail account. There are also regulations which you must follow.  If you have any questions about your computer account access, username, password, or e-mail, you may contact the Technology Service Desk in Corrigan Hall (basement), or call extension 2222.

Free Computer Classes

To enroll in free technology training sessions, visit the Teaching and Learning Technology Center (TLTC) in Walsh Library (lower floor). They will set up group or individual training in a variety of skills.

Free Conversation & Tutoring Sessions

Interested in free language practice? There are three possibilities for you to participate:

  1. Small group or one-on-one sessions: This may focus on conversation, listening comprehension, grammar, writing, or any other areas.
  2. Conversation leaders: We also need advanced ESL students or native English speaking university students who would like to work with intermediate and beginning students.
  3. Language interchange program: We have also been arranging sessions with U.S. students who study modern languages. For example, if your first language is Spanish, we can link you with an American SHU student who is learning Spanish. Then you practice one hour of English and one hour of Spanish. Let us know the time you are available, the category above, and the skill(s) you would like to practice.

Student Associations and Clubs

Learn about hundreds of campus organizations, clubs, activities, and facilities »
To contact the Office of Community Development and see the administrative structure, visit the Office of Community Development website »

The International Students Association is an organization which offers support, encouragement, and company with fellow world travelers through trips, get-togethers, and other activities. Visit the ISA website. The Office of International Programs provides a valuable service to Seton Hall's international population, not only issuing the appropriate documents for immigration (I-20s, Change of Status, OPT, etc.) but also assisting them in everyday needs and orientation in this new country. Call (973) 761-9072.


Are you looking for a room? Do you know of a room available? Let us know. We'll spread the information. You may also check the Office of Housing and Residence Life for their housing opportunities on and off campus. The Office of International Programs also has information to help you find a room.

Special Arrangements for Au Pairs

As many of our participants are members of au pair programs, we can work with you to arrange your courses to fit with your busy schedules. We even open courses at special times, upon request, to suit groups. We will verify your hours of study for your agency requirements.  In addition, we can validate your participation in the campus activities above and recognize your contribution to various volunteer endeavors and projects.

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