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Curriculum: Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing

EDST 6421 Child and Adolescent Development & Diversity 3
EDST 6422 Classroom Curriculum, Planning & Organization 3
EDST 6425 Assessment of Student Learning 3
EDST 6426 Clinical Practice & Seminar 3

Select two 3-credit courses below based on your specialization:

EDST 6411 Elementary Math & Science Methods 3
EDST 6412 Secondary Math & Science Methods 3
EDST 6423 Elementary Literacy & Social Studies Methods 3
EDST 6424 Secondary Literacy & Social Studies Methods 3

You may apply the 18 credits awarded for the CEAS program toward an M.A. in Education. The M.A. course of study is flexible and may be structured to meet individual, certification, and professional needs. The programs reflect current best practices in education and are guided by National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) standards. They are constantly evolving as new ideas, pedagogies, and technologies develop and emerge.

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